Analysing The Impact Of Coronavirus on Digital Marketing.

What is the Coronavirus doing to sales and marketing? How is it effecting your website traffic? What will it do in the future?

The honest answer is we don't know the future, but we do have enough up-to-the-minute information from the HubSpot portals that we manage that can tell us what has been going on in the last 7 days.

Website traffic in the last week for many businesses is on a sharp decline.

There was a drop in open email rates in the last week, up to 50% across the board for most businesses.

Consistent well-performing sales messages are not getting through like the did a month ago.

We have many friends who are being made redundant as businesses are closing or reducing their staff. This will cause a recession like activity and less money in the economy. 

Businesses are going to have fewer sales leads and it's going to be harder to gain and close business. 

Google Adwords and Facebook cost per click prices are not reducing as fast as the traffic has dropped off. This makes paid digital a more expensive way of getting sales conversion. 

Sales conversion on limited leads is now going to be very, very important. Sales teams that have had lots of training with the modern digital sales tools and cloud-based sales CRMs will be in a better position than unskilled teams.

Founders and owners are going to have quickly relearn and get back on the tools of their businesses to survive as they shed staff.

Your digital assets like website and sales and marketing software are going to become more important as there will be reduced human contact going forward, maybe forever.

Social selling skills are going to be a requirement, not an option for most businesses as they move to isolated work environments.

Industries requiring face to face sales methods are hurting. This includes conferences, seminars, retail, outbound meetings, outbound sales reps, anything that is not digital. Companies that need these types of events to create demand are going to have to change quickly.

Website messages are going to need to change immediately to reflect the answers to the current pain points that consumers feel.

The pain points of last month are now vastly different. Sadly many websites we audit and fix still do not focus on solving the customer's problems or the customer's journey and just scream "Contact Us". This won't work like it used to. Solving pain point problems is critical now as people and enterprises fight for survival.

Email marketing is going to have to be smarter to get clicks. Consumer goods are going to struggle as our buying patterns shift towards survival and fixing pain points. 

Expert advice is going to be important for business as success in sales, marketing, and advertising is now much harder than ever before. Sales training is going to be needed more than ever before to convert limited leads. 

Stock exchange-listed companies are going to be doing anything they can to get a deal and provide hope to their up-coming earnings presentations. Ironically, it's an excellent time to buy mar-tech software. 

Challenging times to say the least.

If you would like help on your digital strategies in this difficult time, we are doing free consults. Plus we put together a list of our 12 favourite work from home apps for people new to working from home. 

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