21 Trade Secrets To Improve Your Website Overnight

Treat your website as an asset; everything you do has future realizable value. Invest, improve, repeat, improve, and the site will return leads and sales in value. 

There are so many things to consider when building a lead generating website using inbound marketing. Our team of HubSpot professionals collated this list to help you quickly renovate your website, with minimal expense.

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Try being your customer, is your website easy to use? Find ways to remove friction on your website.

  • When a customer is searching for the answer to a question - is your content easy to find? Does it answer your customers' questions?

  • Highlight your staff pages. People love to do business with people and will hunt you down with specific searches on the web. Team pages act as an entry into your website. Get ideas on beautiful templates from Themeforest.

  • Invest more time in how you help your customers than whizz-bang technical features.

  • Install free email harvest software from HubSpot - costs nothing Easy to do. Find the HubSpot Marketing Free features here.

  • Install Crazy Egg and see how visitors interact with your site, refine their journey and turn more of them into paying customers. 
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Your prospects want your help so they can trust you. Make sure your entire website is an FAQ.

  • The world is competitive, and you will be judged, make sure your graphics are engaging and relevant. Get Canva here; it's an excellent tool for fast graphic generation.

  • Replace ego with wisdom. Remove anything that says how great you are and replace it with how your knowledge helps your customers.

  • Answer the five objections you get to buying with a single page for each one. Chances are your prospects are looking at Google for the answers. Are you okay with them finding the solutions on your competitor's pages? Need help finding the question? Check out Answer The Public.

  • Get your staff to write the answer to that one question they get every day, then make a web page out of it. This will boost Google search exposure and unlock insights.

  • Update Google MyBusiness weekly. It's a golden nugget of power. Find Google MyBusiness here.

  • Install a chatbot. You might win just one deal from it worth $50,000. (true story, we did). HubSpot Marketing Free gives you a free Chatbot, no charge. Get HubSpot Free Conversations Here.

  • Turn your entire site into an FAQ. Make your answers comprehensive and offer one page to each question that you answer.

See how visitors interact with your site, refine their journey and turn more of them into paying customers.

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Use the evergreen content of your website and social media to drive traffic to your pages. 


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