The Incredible HubSpot Training Resources

The HubSpot certification process is comprehensive and highly educational.

Accreditations are built into the HubSpot subscription, and as a HubSpot partner, all of The Kingdom staff are required to become inbound certified. To keep our skills sharp and on the forefront of new technology and practices, we as dealers re-do our certifications every 13 months.

HubSpot is dedicated to making your experience with their automated marketing software as easy as possible, and as such offer comprehensive web-based training through videos, slideshows, MP3s and notes.

The educational content provided by HubSpot is first class and refreshed every year.

Amazing resources ready and available

Much of the information is available free, without needing a HubSpot account. Check it out..

View the Marketing Library here.

View the HubSpot Academy page here.

View the HubSpot Projects here.

View the HubSpot FAQ here.

View the HubSpot user guides here.

View the HubSpot CRM Overview here.

View the HubSpot Sales Portal here.

View the HubSpot Designer Docs here.

View the HubSpot Webinars here.

View the HubSpot Certifications here.

The Kingdom also hosts regular monthly seminars, diving into HubSpot and how to get it working for your business. If you would like to learn more about these free seminars, please give our friendly team a call or email today.

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Ever improving information

One of the great benefits of the HubSpot cloud software is that new features are added to it on a weekly basis. HubSpot makes sure the training is also keeping pace with the evolution of the software, updating it often.

HubSpot has a wealth of resources, and they are all readily available online. However, if you have a question that isn't already online, the HubSpot forum allows you to search and get questions answered in just about every issue or topic that you might have.