Understanding HubSpot Partner Tiers

The Kingdom is a HubSpot Diamond Partner. We hlep you understand the HubSpot Partner Tiers

HubSpot is a global company with Head Quarters in Boston and offices in Sydney, Singapore, Tokyo and Dublin.

Founded in 2008, and listed on the NASDAQ, HubSpot has a market capitalisation in the billions.

To become a HubSpot partner requires a dedication to inbound marketing and a master of the HubSpot automated sales and marketing platform and supporting infrastructure.

HubSpot has a robust training and accreditation process. To become a partner requires ongoing certification in at least three different accreditation areas.

HubSpot Diamond Solutions Partner


The HubSpot Certification process requires 15-20 hours study for each of our team members.


We have an obligation to do each of these accreditations yearly. Accreditation is an important part of the HubSpot Partner Network, keeping us up to date with the fast changing pace of inbound marketing. It also means that we are implementing best practices.

HubSpot Diamond Partner


So What Does It Mean to Be a Diamond HubSpot Certified Partner?


HubSpot has four tier systems based on the accreditations and the success of an agency. Each customer is ranked by a HubSpot algorithm and as a result we have to maintain a certain high standard to keep our accreditations.

There are Four levels. Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond.

The Kingdom is a HubSpot Diamond Partner. It is not easy to become a Diamond Tiered HubSpot Partner. It requires dedication and determination.

To be a HubSpot Silver Partner, a partner will have on average 3-5 customer portals that they manager.

To be a Gold Level partner, you will average 7-10 customers.

Platinum level partners will average 18-40 clients and Diamond, 40 clients and beyond.

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How Did The Kingdom Become a Platinum Certified Partner in Record Time?


The Kingdom is one of only three Platinum Partners in Australia. We were the fastest agency in Asia Pacific to achieve this status, so how did we do it and how does it help you?

The Kingdom is 100% dedicated to HubSpot and the ecosystem. We have gone all in on inbound marketing. We use HubSpot to drive our own business and push it very hard. As a result, we have had remarkable success as a user of the tool.

HubSpot has been a fantastic sales and marketing tool for our own business. Read the HubSpot case study here.


Our History Helps Build the System to Manage Your Growth


From 1995 to 2005, our CEO Adam Steinhardt was the founder and Managing Director of Next Byte. Next Byte became Australia’s fastest growing and most awarded Apple Reseller.

Next Byte grew from a desk in a room to 140 staff and 16 locations around Australia. It grew to a $70 million turnover in just 10 years and was ranked 13th on the BRW Fast 100 in 2001.


The Experience That Comes From Such a Journey Has Us Well Placed to Manage Rapid Growth


Why is this important? It's very important that we have the systems and structure in place to ensure high levels of service to you.

Many businesses suffer growing pains, but with our learnings from the past we are well suited to ensuring your service is maintained.

The Kingdom’s history as an advertising agency gives you an advantage.

From 2009-2014, The Kingdom was a leading award-winning Adelaide Advertising agency. As an advertising agency, we were well scaled and well drilled to manage many elements in large campaigns.

In 2013, we launched the Rundle Place Shopping Centre Opening. This was a major event with VIP party, Rundle Mall concert for 3500 people and television, print, radio, and press campaigns all at once. This type of campaign requires strong project management skills.

While some of the team personnel have changed, these systems have evolved and have become dedicated to our HubSpot services.


Bigger Agency Means More Talent for You

A great benefit of growth means we can use more team members and gain a wider, diversified skill set. This adds value to our customer experience.

We now have a combination of great skills to help you. These include journalists, copywriters, social media specialists, software engineers, user interface designers, web designers, videographers, and content curators. We even have a qualified Apple Service Technician on staff.


The more team members we have, the greater the talents available to serve you.


Being a HubSpot Specialist Is a Key Advantage for You

We are all in on Inbound and all in on HubSpot. It is all we do.

Being a specialist is a significant advantage, so much so that it is a legitimate wonder as to how a non-specialist agency can actually be a HubSpot partner as there is so much to do. With focus comes expertise that are unique to HubSpot. We are HubSpot Experts.

As a specialist, we do not compete with your Advertising agency, PR agency or your graphic design agency. We work in conjunction with your other agencies to get the best outcomes for your business.

HubSpot is an exploding platform that continues to grow and grow and grow. This requires so much energy to keep up, being a specialist makes this possible. Part of being a high-level partner is that we can get results for you and we understand the HubSpot ecosystem.

The Kingdom gets you maximum return on your HubSpot technology investment. What is HubSpot, and how much does it cost? Find out more.


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What Is the HubSpot Ecosystem?

The HubSpot platform is supported by a range of other cloud software programs. We integrate these platforms with HubSpot, so you get the most from your investment.

Perfect Audience
Bright Info
Microsoft AX
Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Revenue Conduit
Google Drive

Programming the API—Making the Most of the Integrations

Our team of software developers can integrate HubSpot into other platforms using the HubSpot API library. By being specialists, we use this API library often, which opens up conductibility to your proprietary software.


Does Size Matter?

Yes, absolutely the power we have now to help your business is substantial as a bigger business we are now, the greater the desire for talented people to work with us. This transfer into better quality works for your business.

Is It an Advantage to Have a Diverse HubSpot Customer Range?

For many clients, we work exclusively in their market segment. HubSpot is a competitive advantage. Many of our customer invest in us to gain this benefit so we do limit the number of customers in a category. It's a potent mix to get the most for your Inbound Marketing, HubSpot investment.

And we have the advantage of flexibility. A diverse range of clients gives us knowledge, experience and greater flexibility in onboarding your business.

So what does this all mean for you?

If you have got this far chances are you are considering using The Kingdom and HubSpot as your preferred marketing choice. We recommend reading our case study on what it was like to have HubSpot for the first year. If you would like to schedule a HubSpot demo we would be happy to go through the amazing platform with you. Please feel welcome to touch base.


The Kingdom helps businesses build powerful digital marketing tools to get value and growth from their HubSpot investment. Login to the HubSpot CRM then speak to The Kingdom team today.

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