Features of the HubSpot CMS

HubSpot CMS combines website creation with the power of a CRM to customize the entire buying journey, streamline marketing and sales alignment, and deliver true closed-loop reporting

Features of the HubSpot CMS

Fire up your website today with the powerful HubSpot CMS.

The Kingdom has a team of dedicated designers and programmers ready to make your website fly.

HubSpot CMS helps marketers create a beautiful inbound website that grows with you and your visitors. HubSpot CMS comes bundled with the CRM and is a standalone product available for purchase on its own, or can be combined with any hub.

Feature 1

Website, Blog, and Landing Page Creation.

Create your own template from scratch, or choose from the thousands of available templates on the marketplace to start, then make it your own with our easy-to-use drag and drop editor. Customize the content, and entire look and feel of pages to match your brand. What you see is what you get -- no code necessary. 

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Website, blog, and landing page creation
feature 2

Tailor content to every individual visitor with Smart Content.

The majority of sites people use today -- Facebook, Google, Spotify, Netflix, and Amazon, all tailor experiences to us. Yet, when we venture to a company website it’s an impersonal experience. With Smart Content in HubSpot you can take all the insight you have and tailor experiences to every individual, creating better experiences and return visitors. 

Customized Content
feature 3

Optimize your content with website analytics.

Maximize the impact of your content with detailed website analytics. See which visitors are engaging with content, and what devices they are using. Combine HubSpot CMS with Marketing Hub Starter and easily send emails to engaged visitors to further relationships with customers.

feature 4

Live Chat

Start building better relationships with live chat tools that are built right into HubSpot CMS.

feature 5

Universal Inbox

All of your team -- from marketing to sales to customer success -- can work out of one, central inbox. Conversations are automatically synced and stored to HubSpot CRM for complete transparency.

Plus, HubSpot Conversations integrates with all of the time-saving tools you love. Use snippets to quickly add common phrases to your conversations; fire off an email template; share your meeting link and more.

HubSpot Universal Inbox

A solid foundation for growth.

The CMS you choose can either help, or hinder, growth. HubSpot CMS has a foundation of speed, stability, and security so you can create marketing people love, and not worry about technical headaches. Even with all the power and capability HubSpot CMS enables, it was rated just as fast as other platforms, and with 99.999% uptime -- along with a dedicated team monitoring performance and security -- your website will be secure from hackers, and available for any potential customers.

The best part? With HubSpot CMS, your website is just the beginning. Everything you need to create great experiences — from creation, personalization, and measurement — is included.  

Plus, HubSpot CMS are built on-top of the top-rated HubSpot CRM for small and medium businesses. So every customer interaction is stored on a single, unified timeline, making every experience more relevant, and more personal.

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