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There have been some frightening occasions lately of Instagram accounts being hacked. These accounts have then lost big numbers of followers - having a devastating effect on their brands, and even their businesses. It is hard to build your fan base, whether it is on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter, so losing them all is a big deal.

I don't know the technical back end of how these hacks occur. What I do know though is that relying on your social media channels as a way of communicating with your audience is a naive way to go about marketing your business.

Social media is extremely powerful. Virality is the goal - shares, likes, comments - engagement is the golden result. Or is it?

Something can change on any of these platforms with little or no notice. Overnight you can see a change to the Facebook algorithm that then changes the reach of your posts.

So rather than focussing so heavily on where your social media likes are at, you need to harvest email addresses - then protect them with your life.

Email addresses and your web site are the channels you own. This is the best way to be talking to your customers, answering their questions, giving them new and exciting ways to think about your business and who you can work together.
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As an Adelaide social media expert, I spend a lot of time finding cool content to share for clients, but at the front of mind is always “How are we driving the customer back to the website?”.

Sharing the first couple of lines of a blog on social media, making sure that your headlines are engaging, the imagery is clear and relevant - these are all great suggestions to have people click through to your website.
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