11 Reasons You Should Outsource Your Marketing

Outsourcing is not a dirty word. In fact, it is the future of clever business, shoring up of strength and mitigation of weakness.

The future is outsourcing

We outsource accounting, legal, doctors, plumbers, painters, dentists and all kinds of professional services. Now it is time to outsource marketing.

Outsourced professional services are viable because the knowledge they hold is too complex and specific for an unqualified person.

The digital revolution that we are now living in makes it so much harder to get your message to the market. Traditional methods have lost their potency and effectiveness in a saturated internet marketplace.

The introduction of digital has blown traditional methods out of the water, with consumers abandoning traditional channels in droves. 

So how can your business reach these newly digitized consumers?

Running a successful marketing campaign is difficult. It takes up a lot of valuable time and resources, needing constant monitoring and effort to keep it getting results for you. You may even need to hire a new employee just to manage it, which is a costly endeavour in both cost and time. But what is the alternative? 

By outsourcing your digital marketing, you place your marketing needs in the hands of professionals who live and breathe this field.

At The Kingdom we use HubSpot, powerful Automated Marketing Software. We get your business firing, turning it into a lead generating, sales making machine. 

Here are 11 reasons why you should consider outsourcing your digital marketing.

1: The sum of the parts is greater than the individuals.

Our sophisticated team has multiple skills between us. Copywriting, web development, social media, content creation, graphic design, project management, analysis - our team has all of it and more. It is impossible for one person to be able to do all of this for your business.

You need a team of experts who know exactly what you need and how best to do it, so you can get the best return on your investment.

By outsourcing, you get it all. 

2: The Software costs plenty.

Digital marketing requires digital tools. It's not just the MacBook. The cloud-based software required to do the job properly is expensive. More than that, with each piece of software comes the need for another level of technical understanding. It takes a long time to get up to speed with all of these new programs and how to use them properly. 

At The Kingdom, we already know how to use the software tools you need to succeed.

We know them like the back of our hands, including nifty little tricks that only come through experience. 

3: Time is money.

Digital marketing requires time. Time to train the individual in the latest software, time to learn that necessary experience and time to successfully learn and implement those strategies.

By outsourcing your digital marketing to The Kingdom, this strain on your time is eliminated. You don't need to train any new people or get up to date with the latest technologies

Simply unleash us upon your marketing, sit back and watch the results start rolling in. 

4: Who is going to manage your resources?

The Marketing Manager can only do what the CEO and the Board direct. But this assumes somebody knows the cutting edge, latest information. And, in our experience, many of the people running the show are simply too busy to stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest in marketing techniques and technology. 

At The Kingdom, we are at the forefront of Marketing Technology and new and improved ways of getting you return on investment. We'll sit down with the people in your business and educate them as to what we do and why it's important. We'll also fully manage your marketing resources, and guide you to what's going to be most useful to your business. 

5: Learn from other's success and failures.

With our outsourced service, you get the benefits of a team of marketing experts that have huge experience doing many campaigns with both big budgets and small. As such, we know what needs to be done to make any campaign work for maximum gain. 

We've been doing this for a long time, and have a great deal of experience.

We're fast acting and knowledgable, with the ability to stick to a plan while adjusting and reacting to any new factors in your market. 

6: Flying blind is a fast way to blow your money.

So often we hear stories about wasted advertising expenditure that simply should never have happened. The inexperienced will usually throw money at something that they've always done in the hope that it will work - even if it's never been effective in the past. 

Flying blind is not an effective way to improve your business.

You need a Top Gun Marketing Pilot, who writes cheques you CAN cash.  

By outsourcing to The Kingdom, you'll get a wingman who'll never let you down. 

7: Reporting.

Is your Marketing Manager going to tell you the truth on statistics if they are under performing? Will you be able to understand the truth behind all the marketing jargon?

We give you weekly reports outlining exactly what we've done for you, as well as key metrics and statistics that you'll actually be interested in. You have total visibility, at all times.

8: Marketing resource cost big money.

Marketing teams cost money. Let’s set up a hypothetical in-house marketing team:

Web designer, $80,000 p.a.
Marketing Manager, $120,000 p.a.
Copywriter, $60,000 p.a.
Social Media Manager, $50,000 p.a.

Expensive right? But it doesn't have to be like this. By outsourcing to our team of Adelaide digital marketing specialists, you get all the expertise for a fraction of the price.

We are retainer based, and our pricing allows you to enhance your margin. 

To see more information on our pricing, and what you get for it, click here. 

9: Inbound marketing dedication.

Every blog post or content creation is an asset that we have built for you, tailored to you. Inbound marketing means your website has purpose, and takes the visitor on a journey that leads to them being a customer.

We are experts in inbound marketing and how to get it firing for your business. Through the content we create for you, we expand the digital footprint of your business, and get you found by your customers.

10: Let us fill your knowledge gap.

The "Big Idea" purported by traditional advertising agencies is great for interruptive advertising, but it's all about attraction on the internet now.

Consumers don't care about you, they only care about what you can do for them. 

Through the power of the HubSpot Automated Marketing Platform and our focus on attracting your consumers through the inbound methodology, we can give you real results that you can see. Your sales funnel will fill, and you'll start kicking goals left, right and centre. 

11: Sophisticated reporting.

We have the dedication to the stats that matter getting you ROI. We create daily, weekly and monthly reports that give you fast insight.

More so, with the HubSpot platform, we are able to see everything that is happening with your marketing, and track it for fantastic analytics.

Web visits, conversion rates, sales, lead generation, social media statistics - these are just a small fragment of the analytics that we can give you. 

By outsourcing your digital marketing to The Kingdom, you can give your business the competitive advantage it needs to succeed. We can push you ahead of the pack, and protect you from attack. We can be your knight in shining armour. 

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business.

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