Digital Just Made Dating a Celebrity Even Easier


Ever flicked through Tinder? It’s ok to admit it, it’s a safe zone here, and might we add, over 26 million matches are generated every day so you’re not alone. It is quite common across all social media platforms that people use photos of celebrities as their profile picture, so when you’re scrolling through Tinder it can be hard to determine if a celebrity is a fake or the real deal.

We know that Shane Warne is a big fan of digital dating, 43-year-old mother Kim couldn’t believe it when Warnie rocked up on her front doorstep after they both swiped right. If that happened here, no doubt the lucky fan would make a phone call straight to the Advertiser Adelaide to share a front page story.

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It’s a tough life for celebrities, they spend most of their communication on Tinder trying to convince potential love interests that they aren’t imposters. Well, dating for celebrities just got a whole lot easier because Tinder has taken customer service excellence to whole new level by introducing the big blue tick.

Celebrities, athletes, and notable public figures will now be verified, just like they are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

So, later on tonight while you’re scrolling through and you see a celebrity with a blue tick and it says the location of the celebrity is 5 kilometers away, swipe right and get ready to date a real celebrity.
Read on to learn more about Tinder’s new verify feature.
This is just another example of how digital is evolving - any problems we face can be fixed. Social media platforms are constantly being updated and changed to improve the user’s experience, this will now save Warnie plenty of time on Tinder and he can now just be focused on swiping right.