This week, The Kingdom team went live to uncover six new features in Public Beta

HubSpot is jampacked with powerful marketing tools that can really blow away the competition and supercharge your growth.

On Episode 20 of the ClubSpot show, Zaahn Johnson and Adam Steinhardt put the spotlight on these amazing new Public Beta features and their impact on your business.

Watch the full ClubSpot episode to learn about the six Public Beta features in HubSpot:

  • Site Tree gives you an overview and a list of your website pages by domains. Organise your website pages with search and filter tools. 
  • Marketing Campaign Tool brings control of campaigns and tasks back into HubSpot, helping teams collaborate better together on one platform. 
  • Service Analytics reports on your Service Hub features like chatbot, knowledge base and customer surveys.
  • Revenue Analytics pulls information from your pipeline to provide an overview of churn rates, recurring revenue and future revenue.
  • Email health to help you think more about your customer's journey, giving you feedback on open rates, bounce rates and subject lines. 
  • Conversation intelligence in your calls that transcribe and filter through keywords, helping sales and customer service teams improve.  
  • BONUS: Workflow comments to give you context in your automated processes and the Workflow with Errors tab to help you fix broken workflows.

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