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A computer geek originally, dating back to the late 80’s, Adam started Next Byte - at the time Australia’s number one Apple reseller. Adam successfully built a $70 million business in the space of just ten years.



We strive to get more converted sales deals for you, making your HubSpot investment your best ever.

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As a retired Pole Vaulter, I wonder how I ever did it. My journey to an elite, athletic career started as a kid attending Pembroke School in Adelaide, in the ’80s.

By just missing the bronze medal in 1990 Commonwealth Games came a determination to work hard for great success.

While preparing for the Olympic Games, I started a computer retail company, Next Byte. Next Byte would quickly go on to be Australia’s biggest Apple reseller.


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The secret of our success was hard work and training all the staff like athletes. Staff training at Next Byte was 3-4 times a week.

Discovering innovations from delivering hundreds of sales training sessions, I would then drive the IT development to ensure our systems matched our skill levels.

Remarkable productivity came as a result. Our sales performance soared. This knowledge is powerful for innovating our customers business.

Technology is important, but only if your sales team knows how to use it. Sales training is the key to HubSpot success.


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Using my computer programming skills, I made the choice of being an application developer or create a retail business using my systems development tools.

I chose the Apple retail store option. As the Managing Director of Next Byte, I grew the company to become Australia’s biggest ever Apple Reseller.

In just three years from the start-up, we became the number one Apple channel partner. My experience of leading the Next Byte team into all states of mainland Australia makes it easy to work with business in any capital city.

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As a programmer in the 80’s and ’90s, apps had to be created, not bought. I led teams that built HTML emails, CRMs, Accounting systems, and eCommerce platforms from scratch.




My passion is the power well-harnessed technology gives us to create scalable business models that sales teams enjoy learning about and using

The Kingdom HubSpot Diamond Partner

Founding The Kingdom   Line-white

Inspired by the great global brands, and has gained strong global marketing skills by working closely with Apple, it was a natural step to move into the website development, sales, digital marketing, and advertising agency world.

In 2009, I founded The Kingdom. I set out to build and create an exotic 5-star advertising agency that created fast turnarounds, engaging content, gorgeous graphic design and provided expert digital marketing, advertising, and social media solutions.


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In 2015 after seeing HubSpot, we flipped the business and became a Diamond HubSpot Partner.
The Kingdom is a leading HubSpot Diamond Partner. We are a sales and marketing software company, with a strong focus on sales conversion as the primary trigger to your success.
With the power of inbound marketing and the HubSpot growth suite, we have a proven substantial impact for the customers who invest with us.
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