Conversational intelligence (CI) is a relatively new phenomenon that's becoming increasingly popular among the leading sales and marketing teams globally.

Conversation Intelligence may sound like a buzzword, but it's a real and significant investment that deserves attention.

In this episode of ClubSpot, the HubSpot MasterClass, we'll cover everything you need to know about CI. 

Bring the voice of the customer directly into your CRM. Seamlessly onboard customers, create nurturing campaigns and supervise individual progress across multiple teams.

There is no doubt that engaging in a conversation is one of the best way to communicate. And that’s why ‘Conversation Intelligence’ is so important, because it enables us to find out exactly what your prospects are looking for. It provides the flexibility and insight to help you develop your sales team faster and at an affordable cost.

Avoma is a powerful tool that you and your team could be using to save time and be more productive.
While in a meeting, Avoma can interpret what’s being said and automatically take notes so you can focus on your clients.
With transcripts tied directly to the recording and topics automatically assigned by Avoma’s AI, relevant snippets can be shared with team members without the difficult job of finding and editing them yourself.
Perfect for meetings with clients, Avoma can also be used to help with employee onboarding, your companies interview process, and auditing your sales process.
Together with Aditya, Adam and Zaahn answer questions, such as:

  • What is Conversational Intelligence?
  • What can we expect from Avoma in the future?
  • How secure are my meetings when I use Avoma?
  • How does Avoma integrate with HubSpot and Zoom?
  • How much would Avoma cost your team?
  • And much more.
With Avoma, you’ll be able to save time during your meetings and make it easier for your team to understand what they need to do next.
If you’re interested in a full demo of Avoma or getting a 14-day free trial, click on the link below:

Sign up for a free trial of Avoma here


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