How Much Does It Cost?

Understanding The Levers of Price for HubSpot Services

How do we charge? What are the levers of the price?

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Manipulate the levers to answer the "How much does it cost question?"

Everybody wants to know about price. We don't know the price for your project without talking to you, but we would like to help you understand the levers of price.
So, what are the levers of pricing to be on  a retainer, hourly or project based. 
We offer many services and picking the right ones match your business needs is essential. 

Module Based Retainer Pricing Is Cheaper.

The Kingdom services have several modules which we offer as part of your monthly retainer. The advantage of having a retainer is that we can innovate for you. The Kingdom retainer provides you with all the services you need to deploy and run your sales, service, website, social, SEO, paid advertising and marketing with HubSpot. 

Lever: The more modules you would like us to work on, the greater the price.


Your Goals Are A Lever.

We can provide you with the services that legitimately drive the way to your goals. If you set lofty business goals, you'll need some significant ground-breaking intensity to reach them. 
Goal achievement has speed, quality and price attached to it. The bigger the goal, the greater the investment.
 People often set goals that are either unrealistic or require enormous resources as they don't have access to the required knowledge in this field.  We help you achieve what is realistic for your budget.
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Your Website Is Really Important.

Your website is an essential part of your marketing strategy. It represents your brand, your business, and what you have to offer. For many businesses it is the key to all sales and marketing.
How would you take your website to the next level?
What would it take to create a unique, long-term vision for your website that puts your business into an entirely new category?
How can you position your business to have market dominance this year and for years?
These are all very important questions and The Kingdom helps you with the answers and the deployment.
Our skills provide you with the ability to reach your goals. Our expertise is based on hundreds of hours of experience working with clients and long hours spent working on the computer to maximize and understand the various tools needed to get the job done. 

Lever: The older your website, the more investment it will need to be competitive.

The Kingdom

Are Sales Benefiting From Your Website?

Some common questions have to be clarified. How many leads is your website currently generating, and do you have a robust sales and marketing coaching process that allows those leads to be converted? 
How are your website sales and marketing activities contributing to your overall business objectives?
How much do you budget and commit to your website, how often, and how do you measure your ROI? And perhaps most importantly, do you have a team at your company dedicated to driving the numbers and results on the website, or are you short on resources?
And lastly, is your website investment or a cost centre?

Hourly vs Retainer vs Project

The Kingdom retainer provides you all the services you need to deploy and run your sales, service, website, social, SEO, paid advertising and marketing with HubSpot. 
Anytime you need, you can hire The Kingdom team members on a hourly rate to deliver on a specific project or deliver ongoing support. This has a major drawback though if we are billing on an hourly basis, it normally means you must provide the information needed and be the innovator.
Retainer services drive us to innovate and provide you with idea. Hourly rate services fill a need normally created by the client.
We help you plan the flowchart of the required elements before pricing, and this service is not charged for as we cannot offer a quote without knowing precisely what you wish to work with. 
We work with a practical module-based method that effectively aligns with different skill sets and HubSpot and additional staff requirements. 

HubSpot Increases Productivity

The Power of HubSpot means we get stuff done for you fast. HubSpot makes it very easy to perform these tasks because it provides an infrastructure framework with many sales and marketing tools on one platform.
Using HubSpot, you can easily integrate social media, content marketing, and email into your lead funnel so that leads are automatically moving from one method of contact to the next.
It takes about 6 to 12 months to train a person on all the HubSpot elements. 
A Kingdom retainer is of excellent value as it quickly mobilizes resources that you wouldn't have access to otherwise. Hence, when looking at the price, we first identify your goals and the resources required to achieve them.
The current state of your marketing and sales influences the goals and speed of achievement. If your marketing is not working well, it will take longer to get it into shape.
If your sales team has not been trained for many years, they will require more coaching to get on top of the processes. How long is the sales cycle? How many prospects are talking to you monthly? How many qualified opportunities (i.e. candidates who have already qualified themselves to be ready to purchase) are generated each month?
Do you have a digital sales playbook that correctly defines the stages of your customer journey and your digital marketing processes?
Ensuring Success with HubSpot
Once we have all the answers, we estimate the resources to be allocated to ensure success. 
How do we know if we can get success in marketing and sales? There are no guarantees. Sales and marketing achievements come only from years of experience. We have the experience of knowing what works and what doesn't through years of doing it. As a result, you can be confident about achieving your goals. 
Another advantage of applying The Kingdom or an agency technology such as ours is that we have years of lessons learned from the past to draw upon when making decisions. Without it, you will be guessing outcomes only. 
A historical track record also offers a time-tested method for comparing probabilities of success.
You will not know the consequences of decisions because you haven't been there before. How many of your choices are made on experience? With only that, you are going to be at a disadvantage.
In determining price levels, we'll be looking at various aspects like factoring in risk and how many resources we will mobilize in other areas. For example, a top-level integration services program is expensive, and the process is complicated. 
So, it's going to be costlier if there's integration work. But if there's a website involved and we have to rely on you, we need to know how well you are set up with your existing assets and resources and the ability to deploy a project. All these factors together determine what the price is. Most retainers are priced at $1,000 but more expensive ones are too. 
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How a Retainer Works.

The work of a retainer evolves gradually. Usually, there's a work in progress meeting every two weeks and, if required, reporting. We set the goals for the fortnight during the session and then present the work completed. 
Time is set aside for monthly analysis too. 
The best thing with a retainer is that everything is tracked. With HubSpot, you can be assured that you're getting value for money. 
We make it easy for you with a 90% discount before buying a month, removing financial stress from your decision-making process.

The Kingdom helps businesses build powerful digital marketing tools to get value and growth from their HubSpot investment. As a Diamond HubSpot Partner, we have worked in over 100 HubSpot portals.



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