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A Behind The Scenes Look at the Secrets of Managing Paid Ads with HubSpot

Paid ads is a difficult space where many businesses spend thousands of dollars. Here are some key considerations to help you get the most from your ad spend.

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Understanding Your Objectives

Document your goals and illuminate what parts of HubSpot and your tech stack are working to achieve them. Importantly, it needs a whole-business approach, not just siloed by digital ads, separated from the other areas of your CRM.


Make Sure HubSpot Ad Accounts Are Set Up Correctly

This includes connecting platforms like Google Ads, Facebook and LinkedIn to HubSpot. Proper integration is crucial for seamless tracking and reporting. 9/10 customers come to us with their ads NOT set-up properly. This usually comes as a result of using an 'agency' that places their ad spend and takes a commission but does not know HubSpot.

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Audience Segmentation and Targeting

Effective ads are all about reaching the right audience. Using the HubSpot List, audience and remarketing tools allows for highly targeted ads, plus it increases the likelihood of engagement and conversions. It sounds obvious but once again, many customers have this in a mess that needs professional help to fix.


Build Ad Campaigns - use HubSpot

Creating compelling ad campaigns that include many HubSpot assets is important to illuminate performance. The HubSpot Campaign app includes not just Ads but all the associated assets, making it a very important tool to have work for you.

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Budget Transparency - Do you have it?

Removing the financial incentive for an external business to profit from your gross spend is important. How are you being charged? Do you have transparency on your ad charges? Sadly, when working with external agencies so many businesses come to us with no true understanding of where their money is going.


Ongoing Monitoring and Optimization

Paid ad management doesn't end once the ads are live. Continuous monitoring and optimization of all parts of the process is essential for sustained success. We start with Dashboards and a determination to see the impact of all the levers. We then show you and highlight the key investment triggers so you know what is happening with your money.

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Reporting and Analysis

Dashboards are essential, and getting the most out of HubSpot to get closed-loop reporting is difficult. Our developers spend many hours working with our paid ads team to ensure our customers get closed-loop reporting. It's often not easy, but with many years of ads and HubSpot experience we can help.


Staying Updated with Trends

What works on one platform does not always work on another. Plus, the platforms are changing as they compete. Facebook and Google are huge companies constantly evolving. It takes full-time dedication to keep up. Chances are you are too busy doing your day job to invest the significant years needed to become an expert in the space.

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Takeaway Tips:

If they are not skilled in HubSpot consider your Ad agency relationship. Using all the HubSpot tools with the ad to the fullest is very important. 

Remove friction on your touch points, particularly the website, to make it easy for the Ad clickers to do business with you.

Make specific content for the ad platform. Test, evaluate, evolve.

Ensure your salespeople are dialled into the campaigns and what they are getting from them. They need to close the leads to give you the return.

Close the loop and get your ad information to HubSpot so your dashboards are accurate.


Managing paid ads on HubSpot requires a blend of strategic thinking, creativity, and analytical skills. The Kingdom brings these qualities to your business. By understanding your objectives, leveraging HubSpot's powerful tools, and continuously optimizing campaigns, our team drive meaningful results for you and help get the best of your marketing spend. This is the job of fully trained HubSpot professionals, working alongside ad experts. Wasting money is easy to do if you get the balance wrong.