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What Does A Sample Retainer Agreement Look Like?



How Much Does a Retainer Cost and Why?

Thanks for considering The Kingdom for your sales and marketing technology, powered by HubSpot experience. We are Diamond Certified HubSpot Partners and the 2015 HubSpot International Partner of the Year. 

We want to remove friction from your purchasing process, and as such, a retainer is a fantastic way to make the most of our services.

We're in touch with you every day. We know about your team, employees, and what you're working on. Your goals are our goals, and we fire up your technology to get you the best results possible.


The Kingdom


Five reasons why a retainer is better.

  1. You get better value for money, we work harder for you as you have a stronger commitment to us.
  2. We lead the process so you get legitimate innovation in the fast-moving digital sales and marketing industry.
  3. We have a team of specialists that is very hard to hire in-house. Retainer clients get easy access to our top talent
  4. Unlike in-house staff, you can fire us whenever you want to. 
  5. There is no need to deal with excessive job brief and time billing/tracking clunky processes. We just get on with finding the best HubSpot solution for you. 

Unique features of The Kingdom HubSpot Retainer

  1. We do a heavily discounted try before you buy a month.
  2. We don't have any lock-in contracts. All retainers are month by month.
  3. Our business owners, Adam Steinhardt and Zaahn Johnson, are directly involved with all retainer clients.


The Kingdom


The Kingdom Run of House Retainer Services give you freedom.

The Kingdom retainer provides you all the services you need to deploy and run your sales, service, website, social, SEO, paid advertising and marketing with HubSpot. 

​We are a team of HubSpot specialists, content curators, copywriters, developers, UI/UX designers, digital ad strategists, and SEO qualified builders with hundreds of hours of HubSpot training and experience. 

‌We have over 90 different HubSpot Accreditations. 

​The retainer includes a custom HubSpot Coaching program specific to your needs.

Sales are the engine of any business and the HubSpot platform. We have created a comprehensive, easy-to-use, and updated training program for HubSpot sales so your team gets the conversions.

Whilst every HubSpot deployment is different, there is usually always is attention to the setup and ongoing deployment of the following:


The Kingdom HubSpot Partners


Our HubSpot Services Include:

  • Audit and completion of the 10 setup stages of your HubSpot portal.
  • The digital research and establishment of 950 keywords.
  • Establish the rival insights dashboard to gain insight on your competitors and a report back to you to show how it is all going.
  • The tracking code insertion for non-HubSpot site pages.
  • Complete Audit of your current social media assets
  • The setup of your social media accounts that you have in existence.
  • The setup of your social media publishing schedule.
  • The importation of your contacts and harvest/import of other email sources.
  • The HubSpot CRM setup and integration to your HubSpot marketing portal.
  • Sidekick integration into your email account and the HubSpot CRM.
  • The harvesting of email accounts from your social platforms.
  • The blocking of your IP address and your employees (we don't want your web clicks to ruin the party).
  • Setup of lead scoring and workflowsSetup of Personas
  • Setup of Reports
  • Setup/Audit of your CRM Lead Stages
  • Setup and Audit of all social hashtag monitoring and Twitter streams
  • Creation and coding refinement of blog, landing page, call to action and email templates.
  • Setup and analysis of competitors
  • Establish audience remarketing on Facebook
  • Setup of Linkedin Ads
  • Setup of Google Adwords with keywords
  • Setup of reporting

As a Diamond HubSpot partner, we seek to provide you with a complete range of HubSpot programming and support services.

Our team of experienced programmers has worked across projects of all sizes and types, so you're sure to get the help you need.

 The HubSpot Certified Partner badge is awarded to HubSpot Partners. We meet specific qualification criteria, including implementing best practices, industry expertise and a commitment to providing the highest level of service to their customers.

Accreditations and awards are significant, but it comes down to a couple of crucial differences that make us the fastest-growing, most awarded HubSpot Partners in the region.

Some of the benefits of working with The Kingdom.

1) We have a strong background in advertising and marketing, having been a digital ad agency for 6 years before converting to HubSpot in 2015.

2) We are all-in on inbound marketing and HubSpot. It is all we do. We are specialists in everything HubSpot and completely dedicate ourselves to the platform.

3) We work really hard for you. We are dedicated to your HubSpot installation to work well and be a highly successful investment

4) We practise what we preach. Everything we do is tested on ourselves before we do it, so we don't waste your time and resources.

5) We work with businesses in over 10 countries. And we've worked with companies in just about every industry.


 The Kingdom


We use a module-based guide to build out the retainer. 

We gather up the modules and then assess the proposal's commercial viability from there. 

Working together with us can add and delete modules as your strategy suggests. 


How Much Does It Cost?

Our average retainer is between $5,000 to $10,000 a month. Anything less than that is tough to be successful for you. We have many years of experience working with HubSpot and know the more significant your investment, the better the results. 

A retainer is a great way to elevate your sales and marketing technology investment.

Many people realise that staffing challenges and in-house resource management are complex and hard to do in a constantly changing digital world. The Kingdom retainer is an intelligent way to improve your productivity using HubSpot.

Retainers give you a point of contact for all your website, social and inbound marketing requirements. This can help you improve your marketing strategy and meet your goals.

We will work with you to develop your marketing strategy and ensure that your website is responsive and mobile-friendly. We will complete a thorough audit of your existing marketing materials, website, social media and content and then put a plan to get you moving in the right direction.

The Kingdom

We have The Following Goals For You

Goal 1: Grow Your Website

Our first goal is to get your website working from an inbound marketing perspective. With this goal we aim to do the following:
  • We increase the page count
  • Divide the pages into the sales funnel
  • Include Call To Actions
  • Create landing pages
  • Create follow up emails
  • Create lists of your contacts
  • Create workflows to nurture your lists
  • Create a HubSpot blog
  • Create downloadable premium content
  • Invigorate and energise your social media.
  • Get inbound marketing working

This is an ongoing process we work on all the time.

Goal 2: Moving the Metrics

HubSpot is a huge program, it can do so much. So how do we know where to start with your HubSpot and outsourced marketing deployment? We start with your goals. We focus on the metrics you choose, then from there set about using the HubSpot tool to achieve them.

8 Metrics to Choose From

  1. Brand awareness
  2. Quality leads
  3. Lead conversion
  4. New customers
  5. Customer retention
  6. Revenue
  7. New products
  8. New Markets
We work with you to discover the correct metrics to focus on to get maximum impact.
As a HubSpot Preferred Partner, we seek to provide you with a complete range of HubSpot services. We are the leading HubSpot partners in Australia and can help you get more leads and save more money.
Are you looking for a technology partner that is more than just an extension of your business and can help drive your sales? Do you want an expert team of project managers with solid HubSpot skills?
Do you want a partner that will help you map out a strategy that fits your business goals? If yes, The Kingdom is the right solution.
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