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Executive Assistant Needed

We seek an Executive Assistant who is a brilliant project manager, to join our team who can make us better with his/her motivation, creativity and positive attitude. 

This is a position in Adelaide, South Australia for right to work full-time visa holders.

The Kingdom is a HubSpot Diamond partner. Ranked in the top 50 of 6,000 global HubSpot Solutions Partners.

We are a USA company, with offices in Irvine and employees on the Gold Coast, Kiev, Perth, Bogota and headquarters at our global head office overlooking the water at West Lakes, South Australia. 

Are you gifted in project management and busting impediments?

The Executive Assistant role at The Kingdom has you working directly with owners Adam Steinhardt and Zaahn Johnson to enable the success of our teams through the organisation, as well as providing coordination and administrative support.

You must be comfortable with the fast-paced operation, able to work autonomously, and energised by supporting a team that is an IT company specialising in software development, sales and marketing. 


This is not a lightweight position. You will be critical to the working operations of the business, invited into the inner circle of the day-to-day executive operations.


A person gifted in busting impediments and getting stuff done will love this role.

What you'll do:

  • Organise efforts across our clients in global locations.
  • Facilitate broader team connectivity through project management: coordinate and execute digital jobs, manage tasks, and help deliver innovative plans that are rapidly evolving and growing.
  • Manage scheduling and logistics for VP Operations Zaahn Johnson and CEO Adams Steinhardt.
  • Manage tasks for the variety of clients that we have.
  • Lead and collaborate on special projects, including team-building initiatives, team member recognition programs, team cultural development.
  • Collaborate with the broader network of The Kingdom global team members working across different time zones and skillsets. 
  • Ensure the organisation hits deadlines.
  • Manage job lists for developers, designers, content curators, copywriters and the C-suite.
  • Support the smooth onboarding of new employees through the deployment of our training and education programs.

You need to have:

  • A desire to create a track record of success providing administrative support or coordination in a lean, high-performing, entrepreneurial organisation
  • Remarkable drive and a love for pleasing people and generating success in a high-growth environment with a need to love digital innovation. 
  • The ability to effectively prioritise and manage the needs of multiple customers working alongside the C-Suite.
  • Exceptional communication skills; capable of interaction with employees and customers. 
  • Proficiency in Google Apps, Slack, HubSpot, ClickUp and being welcoming to ever-changing technology.
  • Intense energy for engaging with people and getting tasks ticked off, busting impediments. 


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