The Hidden Secrets of the 6 Social Media Platforms


You might find yourself thinking about the businesses around you and why they are using social media channels.  

Who would need to look at my posts?

Who really cares about what we do?

Here at The Kingdom, social media is one of our passions. We live it and breathe it - 24/7.

Some of the businesses we have helped to grow with more sales have started with no social channels at all.

Here’s some top information on some amazing social tactics.


This is a great way to inform people about what you do and why you do it. You might be the best in your field of expertise - so tell people why, but most importantly tell the story of how you can help them.  

Your blog can be about anything. Sometimes it can be fun to throw in a random post - you might entertain someone, involve the other people in your business. Sharing the personality of your business should not be feared.  

We often throw a question to our crew and some of their answers are funny, interesting, enlightening and often straight up weird - but they are our team. Our clients have really liked getting to know more about The Kingdom team, and it helps to make our brand more personable and likeable.


A great platform for networking with other professionals. LinkedIn provides a great opportunity to share your blog stories, promote career opportunities and grow your following with professionals, sometimes the decision makers in the sales process.

Often referred to as an employment tool, we use LinkedIn a lot to help promote our free seminars and share great, helpful blog articles. We learn from it also - most of the key influencers from our industry have a strong presence on LinkedIn.

Are you on LinkedIn? Talk to our team of Adelaide social media experts to see how to get it working for your digital marketing strategy.


People love to see images, and the easily digestible nature of pictures makes Instagram a digital marketing dream. It might be a photo of the mechanic working on the Header, or Sharon from Accounts using the new Nespresso machine for the first time, anything can be a great photo.

The use of hashtags and tagging allows you to interact on a global scale. Tagging Nespresso might even get your image repost by the company!


Twitter is in the moment, which is perfect for the fast paced nature of the market. If something awesome is happening in your business, tweet it out! I continue to be staggered at how easy it is to grow your follower base.

Click here to discover why Twitter is the 51st Shade of Grey.


While we hear negatives about Facebook all the time, there are many positives also. Video on Facebook is going to achieve a high greater reach than images and words, so video blogging - vlogging - is a sure-fire way to get your message out to your likers (who might just be a customer one day).

Facebook is a great way for your customers to sing your praises also. If you have provided good customer service, there is a strong chance your likers will refer you on. Remember, Facebook can often be the first place people will look for you!


Youtube is where you can store all your videos. Customers can subscribe to your channel and keep up to date with your latest vlog. You can tag here also - which becomes a great way to increase your google ranking.

There are other channels too, but these are just some of our favourites. So before you did social media on the whole - give it some thought, research it... Look at what is going on around you and think about how you shop these days. Is the internet the first palace you visit for research? You better believe it is!

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