The Kingdom Team Demonstrate The Ways You Could Be Using HubSpot's Mobile App

Today on the 25th episode of ClubSpot, Adam Steinhardt and Zaahn Johnson dive deep into the HubSpot mobile app; exploring not just the features the app can provide for you and your team, but also the ways that the app can help to make your sales efforts faster, more organised, and get you more deals.

Demonstrated so you can follow along with your own app, Adam and Zaahn show you how you can:
  • Log business cards directly into the app with your camera
  • Use conversations and live chat to create new leads on the go
  • Take advantage of the HubSpot keyboard to speed up your communication
  • Use the activity feed to keep up to date no matter where you are
  • And much more.
After watching this video, you’ll be ready to start getting the most out of the HubSpot mobile app.
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