You Haven't Seen This Toolkits List On Buzzfeed

You know that feeling when you find a new tool that makes your job easier? At The Kingdom, we love that feeling. It might be an App or a new Apple product, whatever it is, when you find it, you feel like dancing around the room.

We want all of you to experience that great feeling of innovation, so our team of Adelaide social media experts and content marketing specialists have created a list of some cool tools you can use to optimise your social media efficiency!  

iPhone 6 +

Whilst not sponsored or endorsed by Apple in any way (we were questioned by a new Kingdom Team member this week), an iPhone is where it all starts for us with social media. An iPhone of any size will do - but the 6+ gives us the ability to email easily, post to Instagram etc.
on the iPhone 6+ is exceptional - we can control our automated marketing platform all from our phone, check on our traffic to the page and manage all of our social channels, all from the touch of our fingers and anytime we like.  

Word Swag

If there is an App that will change your life this is it. We first learnt of Word Swag when we met the vivacious and inspiring Melissa Ramos from Sexy Food Therapy at Social Media Marketing World. We were checking out her Instagram feed with her and the images were literally bursting with fun and personality.
We quizzed her a bit and she shared - Word Swag.  During #smmw15, we heard more and more about Word Swag, and we were sold. It now forms part our daily ritual. We use it for our blogs, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. If you would like to know more about Word Swag drop me an email or give me a call and I’ll be happy to help!

Tailwind App

This application is a Pinterest game changer. If you have a business Pinterest page, it is best to be pinning between 15-30 pins per day, and not all at once - spacing them out is the way to go. But how do you do this?

Tailwind will let you schedule your pins, and chose the boards to pin to. By loading the Google extension, you can schedule whenever you see great images to pin, and on any website too. Tailwind App will optimize your pinning schedule to fit in with when your followers are most engaged, so you no longer have to madly pin during peak times to properly reach your consumers. What a load off!

Facebook Insights

If you have a Facebook page for your business you already have access to metrics - it is just a matter of whether you use them or not. They can be quite confusing, but the stats from the Insights tab on your business’ home page will help you enhance your Facebook marketing efforts.

Facebook Insights give you information about the people who like your page, the gender split, the age demographic and which country they live in. We occasionally get a fright when we look at insights and discover high numbers of likers based in Bangladesh. This generally means that at some stage in it’s lifetime, the page was paying for likes. This is not something we recommend. For more information around this topic, read this blog.

My favourite insight of them all though is “What time your fans are online”.

This tells me that the majority of The Kingdom fans on our Facebook page are on Facebook at 9:30pm. From there, I schedule the times of my Facebook posts (through Hubspot and the very handy social sharing option) accordingly. 


When we have finished recording our Podcast, we use GarageBand to edit it. It’s a very easy music editing suite that lets us cut out the bloopers and giggles, overlay our intro music, upload album artwork and have it all perfect, ready for launching to iTunes.

Easy to use and generally inexpensive, we highly recommend using GarageBand if you have ever considered starting a podcast. Click here to learn more about the benefits of podcasting.

With these tools in your social media tool belt, there is nothing that you can’t handle, just try it and see! If you come across any issues, please feel free to give the friendly Adelaide inbound marketing experts at The Kingdom a call.

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