How to Master the Google Search

Have you tried to Google your business?

It is worth doing, actually Googling yourself, it’s great for a chuckle… But I can guarantee you won’t stop there. I found it strangely satisfying; weird - I googled my Dad, husband etc… found some funny old photos of Dad playing footy which I promptly emailed on to the rest of the family for shits and gigs.

Anyway - Google is distracting, and it’s easy to deviate from your original plan - and this is kind of the point here.  

You can just keep searching if you don’t get the right answer, the right answer being what you are looking for, then you can just keep on searching, changing your search terms and going again - roll that big dice!

It’s about answers.

Answers to questions - we call these long tail keywords.

When we are talking with clients we spend a lot of time talking about search terms and how people use Google. We talk about “bounce out” and what that means for you and your business. 

Keywords are words and terms that are relevant to your business that help Google find you, and the more you have, the more likely Google will throw you up on page 1.

So, think about what you sell or the service you provide for your clients. In our sessions, we use a ridiculous example - it’s to make sure that our guests are still awake.

Tea cosy for my python in Amazonia.

A pretty specific request and one the gets some laughs, usually.

If this is your particular niche product, ask yourself where on your website does it state that?

We work with keywords, each site page and blog post that we write is full to the brim of our keywords - we have a long list, and we know where we rank on those words.

If we drop a couple of notches, then we write another blog.  We have to be number 1 with our keywords.

It seems that there is no such thing a Tea Cosy for a python in Amazonia ….who knew!

Try and google it  - see what you find.

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