What I learnt From Social Media Marketing World 2015


So it’s been some time since we went to San Diego for Social Media Marketing World 2015.
I thought it would be a good idea to have a look at what we have implemented since we returned, and talk about the sessions that had the most impact on us.

Jon Loomer - Facebook.

Wow, this session was outstanding. Jon truly is an expert in Facebook marketing and his content was spot on.
Jon talked about pixel tracking on Facebook and Facebook remarketing. We had been doing some really successful Facebook advertising campaigns for clients but you can always improve, right?
Pixel tracking creates an audience that you can remarket to on Facebook. This audience is made up of only those people that have been to your website, and Facebook then lets you market your message just to this audience. A small sample set, of just your web visitors.
We took notice of Jon’s passion for this cool new tool which was made available to us by Facebook about 8 months ago.
We started pixel tracking, and the results we achieved were out of this world - really great click rates and the price is offering massive value to clients.

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Mari Smith - Facebook Marketing for 2015: How to get Results

Mari is just beautiful - a lovely lady who you feel like you have known forever. So engaging, warm and funny. I have followed her for a couple of years now so was very much expecting to hang on her every word. 
Mari spoke about putting people first, making your content on Facebook interesting to people. She also taught us to listen to our viewers, notice what they are engaging with and focus on delivering similar content.  

As Mari says, “Service is the new social”. Exemplary customer service is never going out of style

“When emotion goes up, intelligence goes down! Go offline to solve Issues.” @marismith

Always show that you have responded to a complaint or disgruntled post on facebook - but your priority must be to take the problem offline. Be personal and offer an alternative:
Thank you Bob (always use their name) for taking the time to get in touch - Could you please Private Message or email us with your contact details and we will have someone call you as soon as possible - Zaahn (always sign off with your name)
Facebook now have us in the tricky position of you have to pay to play - like Jon Loomer, Mari is a big advocate for pixel tracking. She shared a staggering statistic that “Over 90% of Fortune 500 companies are not doing Facebook ads right”.

Chalene Johnson -  Instagram

WOW - I have to tell you Chalene quite literally had us out of our seats and dancing in the aisles. This was a session I was not expecting to get much from. Her Instagram account (s) are pretty much the same, she is dynamic to say the least.
I am a huge fan of Instagram and love the way it connects brands and their users so easily. Nothing better than being able to engage with a hashtag and then have the user creating content for you. But there is always more to learn….


Your Bio is your baby. Use it describe yourself or business, use emoji's if they relate to your business. This is also the place for a Call to Action. Instagram will not allow you to post a link/URL in the comments of an image. You can paste a link in your bio though - with each image you post, change the link in your bio. Detail that the link is in the bio for each image you post. It works - make sure you are using bitly so you can track the clicks you are getting.


Video on Instagram is very effective. A quick 15 second (the maximum time allowed) is a fun way to get your message out there. Behind the scenes work well on insta - why not try a behind the scenes video - film your boardroom being set up for a function or a newly refurbished foyer.

Royalty Free Music

If you choose to do a quick video you might like to team it with some music. Such a groovy tip this one - visit iTunes and search Royalty Free Music.  
So there you have it my 3 faves from Social Media Marketing World - there were other amazing sessions, but these were the tips I learned and have been using daily since.