How The Kingdom became Sales and Marketing Technology Specialists?

Has your marketing consultant built a $31 million business from scratch? We have.

Very few creative companies or HubSpot partners can say they built a $31 Million AUD company from scratch. We have. 

As founder of Next Byte, The Kingdom CEO, Adam Steinhardt built a business from one desk to Australia's biggest Apple Reseller from 1995 to 2005. Highlights along the way include being the most awarded Apple Reseller in Asia Pacific, placing 13th in the 2001 BRW Fast 100 poll and being praised by Steve Jobs for email marketing in the late 90's before it was mainstream. 

Next Byte sold for $31 Million in 2007. 

So how does this rich entrepreneurial history help you? Importantly, we have created and walked the path to success that all of our customers seek. 

Sales and marketing goes to the very core of all business growth success. We know, because we have done it. 

Next Byte was built without Venture Capital or bank funding. Every decision, good and bad was done with the risk of losing all our own money. 

We have vast experience from building 16 retail stores around Australia, managing 140 staff, including 80 salespeople and growing a powerful in-house advertising agency, but most importantly we make every recommendation to your business, carefully acting as if it we are spending our own money. 

After growing restless, In 2009, Adam Steinhardt founded The Kingdom.

The Kingdom has worked with many brands, always on the cutting edge of the latest digital sales and marketing techniques. The focus has always been, how do we get more sales for our customers?

It was an easy decision to go all in on HubSpot in late 2014, as it is the ultimate tool for modern-day sales and marketing. Combine our years of experience and knowledge with HubSpot, and together we can grow your business to new levels.  

I’ve used Kingdom at 3 companies now and wouldn’t launch a product or company without them. Their deep knowledge of inbound marketing, SEO and social is second to none and their website design and management is great. The cost of their services far outweighs what I could hire internally so dollar for dollar it’s a no brainer.

- Simon Arkell, Deep Lens

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