Advanced Paediatric Life Support: Accreditation Course eCommerce solution powered by the HubSpot Growth Suite and CMS.


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For excellence in the emergency care of ill and injured children.

APLS Australia aims to improve the early management of acutely sick and injured children through training, education and resources for healthcare professionals.

A fully incorporated, not-for-profit organisation founded in 1997, APLS Australia currently facilitates over 130 courses a year for more than 2,500 health care professionals, expanding each year.


Challenge   The Kingdom Diamond HubSpot Partner

APLS provides accreditation courses for Paediatric doctors. Doctors must keep their accreditations current, certified by senior medical professionals that are the Course Instructors.

Over the last ten years, APLS became dependent on one remote programmer that built an outdated PHP, MYSQL proprietary registration database that also served as non SEO or mobile-friendly website.

Without centralised records of contacts nor the ability to expand the website to cater for donations, course sales, or even provide simple communication tasks between staff, the clunky systems restricted the business growth.

Marketing was virtually impossible, and the status of their internal communications within the company was in disarray, struggling with clunky technology.

APLS needed an integrated solution for their CRM, marketing, sales, a CMS, and, importantly, creating a modern-day learning management system to handle paid course registrations.

The system requirements were unique in that it also required the processing of applications for course supervisors, a donation engine and an eCommerce store to sell course materials.

APLS chose The Kingdom to deploy the HubSpot Growth Suite Pro and HubSpot CMS with the ARLO LMS eCommerce Software. Created before the release of Custom Objects and CMS Enterprise Pro, The Kingdom used HUBL, HubDB, Arlo, Stripe, HubSpot CMS and many API endpoints to create a fully integrated solution.


Discover more about the solution and success of the deployment in this short video.


The Kingdom Diamond HubSpot Partner

Solution   The Kingdom Diamond HubSpot Partner

APLS was using a Frankenstack of technologies, but there was no communication between these technologies.

The Kingdom team moved APLS to the HubSpot Growth Suite to address their CMS and CRM needs, helping them combine all their website portals into one.

First, The Kingdom migrated all the website page content from the dated PHP system. It was essential to create a smooth change management process for the busy medical professionals. We solved a challenge to maintain the look and feel the doctors are used to, but with a modern-day ecosystem driving the solution.

We deployed the Arlo Education eCommerce gateway software and connected it to a new Moodle Server hosted on AWS. Pre-course onboarding was required for each registrant by video.

The Arlo LMS engine was embedded into the HubSpot CMS to perform the purchase and subsequent registration of doctors' courses. All the classes and commerce operations have data transacting between HubSpot and Arlo, with updates in sync to the HubSpot Activity Timeline, deal and contact objects.

Arlo is connected to the HubSpot eCommerce Bridge to allow complete data updating of the HubSpot CRM, Deals, Activities and Contacts.

Moodle and Arlo registration was all connected by API to allow one seamless login for the process for both course attendees and course coordinators.

APLS wished to sell the manuals for the courses, so The Kingdom team deployed Stripe and connected it by API to a HubSpot Call to Action to sell the manuals and create an associated deal in HubSpot. Stripe also used this technology to create a new donations engine harvesting funds from the community.

We used APIs to connect to Arlo and HubSpot to unify the searching process of the entire site. Courses, locations, instructors all can be searched and filtered in harmony. We used HubDB and HUBL to create exclusive content that was accessed only by the single sign-on process.

The Kingdom team used HubDB to provide summary data to the instructors and their upcoming courses.

The Kingdom had to create over 20 different templates and multiple modules to cater to the complex interface needed for applicants and instructors. The solution was built before universal smart modules features were introduced by HubSpot we used HUBL to create a smart module display based on the user log in.

The Kingdom content curation teams migrated all the data from all the legacy software platforms for a seamless turnkey solution for the client.

Our HubSpot Growth Specialists trained the staff on how to use the solution.



A 'One Domain Solution' built using the HubSpot CMS powered by the HubSpot Growth Suite

APLS design
The Kingdom Diamond HubSpot Partner

Results   The Kingdom Diamond HubSpot Partner

APLS has had their business hit hard by COVID. The creation of the one integrated solution saved their business as they were able to work remotely.

One website for all operations has had an enormous boost to productivity. Hundreds of hours of friction have been removed, allowing the team to stay small during difficult times, but work with higher outputs.

Organic Website traffic has increased even though COVID has had an impact. Course registrations have increased as the marketing team has created more courses faster using the new system.

Doctors have successfully transferred to the new system with minimal issue and have increased their usage of the resources available.

A new revenue stream has come from donations, previously not possible.

APLS self-manages their site and no longer needs external IT to support their online website revenue streams.

With their new system, APLS are well placed for exceptional growth when lockdowns and COVID are an event of the past.


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Impact   The Kingdom Diamond HubSpot Partner

APLS now have a unified means of overseeing their marketing, sales and services through intelligent integration with tools that worked with them and not against them.

Hundreds of hours have been saved in the months since deployment.
The APLS team measured their success in high productivity, better access to marketing, improved course registration, communication with registrations, and ease of updating the website.

Internal communications are possible in a remote work environment. Without the solution, the business would have collapsed in the COVID lockdown.

Customers have one unified platform and do not realize the multiple tech layers exist.


The Kingdom HubSpot Partner.

From The Client   The Kingdom Diamond HubSpot Partner


New Website - New CRM - New Future

Adam and the whole team at The Kingdom have worked with us to develop and excellent new website and fully integrated CRM. They have transformed our old site to a new fully functioning management information system and we look forward to working with them in the future. - Rod Wealands CEO APLS