The HubSpot CRM Drives Sales

The HubSpot CRM drives sales

The HubSpot CRM is remarkable and it's free!

Your prospects and clients are fundamental to your business. Your pipeline is your future success. Isn't it time to get off the spreadsheet and whiteboard?
The HubSpot CRM lets you keep all of your contacts in one shareable, adaptable, searchable database. Once you see it work with Gmail, you will want it.

Coordinate HubSpot CRM with your email program to track each connection with your prospects.

The HubSpot CRM automatically organises your sent emails in an easy-to-read timeline. Even better is that the CRM pulls data from the Internet to supplement the information you have already harvested.


HubSpot CRM searches the net to enhance your database the easy way.

Why put in hours physically scanning for and entering data about your prospects? HubSpot CRM creeps the web for you and stays informed concerning more than 13 million organisations (and growing). Enter a contact. The HubSpot CRM fills your record with data found on the internet.

The Kingdom has spent hours evaluating CRM products for ourselves and our clients; This is undoubtedly the easiest we have seen. It's super intuitive cloud-based software.

Digital marketing is fast paced. We are on a mission to find for your business the best lead nurturing and sales making tools. The HubSpot CRM is simply brilliant. 

Not only does it link into the incredible HubSpot Marketing platform, but best of all, it's free. Seriously cool.

About The Kingdom

Our team of experts will assist you in getting more sales and more value from your advertising investment.

If you are struggling for time to get your digital resources operational, we provide outsourced content marketing and social media services that increase your traffic and conversion.

We help you build content that will generate increased sales leads and make it easier to get conversion using the powerful HubSpot tool.

If you are looking to upskill your team, we provide a comprehensive sales training program to ensure that your sales team converts leads and improves the value of your advertising.



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