How to Remove Friction From Your Sales Process

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Friction free shopping is everywhere

Online shopping is easy.

Innovation and technology means friction reduced shopping. Traditional methods of shopping become annoying once you have discovered the efficiencies of global brands like Apple, Amazon, Facebook, eBay and Google.

These mega corporates have trained us to expect an easy online shopping experience.

This sets a new level of what is acceptable in dealing with all business, including B2B. Annoyingly many companies are still challenging their customers with high friction paths of discovery and transaction.

Friction is less and less tolerable daily as we experience smooth from the big brands.

We experience friction daily.

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What does friction in the sales process look like?

  • Calling a direct business line, but having to leave a voice mail, with no ability to get back to reception.
  • You are trying to find the phone number on a website to call - but no luck. (telecommunications businesses are notorious for this one.)
  • The arduous chore of calling a bank to make an enquiry.
  • You are trying to get something altered on one of your utilities accounts.

Here are some other examples of friction in sales transactions.

  • Picture based email signatures that do not provide links to discover more about your business.
  • You are forcing your prospects to fill out long, required field forms on websites and internal systems.
  • Staff not training well enough to use the systems to their full extent.
  • Old technology that can't be accessed remotely on the cloud by the remote working staff.
  • Marketing teams that don't have a cloud-based job list to manage their marketing tasks.
  • Not having a stable teleconferencing option for your team computers, complete, with microphones, speakers and software like Zoom or Google Hangouts.
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Friction is less and less tolerable daily as we experience smooth from the big brands.

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Does this apply to your business? Have you created unwanted friction?

Discover our tips to using technology to reduce friction.

  • Add Live chat to your website.
  • Make it easy for people to contact you and find all of your social links.
  • Provide a range of discover more links at the end of each webpage, helping the user go to the next option.
  • Logging help desk tickets and support inquiries through programs like the HubSpot Service Hub and Zendesk.
  • Putting website search options front and centre on your website.
  • Convert to easy to use CRMs, no longer keeping data in Excel spreadsheets.

How to act to remove friction today

  • Provide an ideas session, with marketing and sales in the same room. This will serve as an innovation session.

  • Gather your team and be a customer of your own website. When acting as a team, you will discover many of your own frustrating web experiences. The Kingdom performs free web audits. Get a professional opinion today.

  • Deploy the free HubSpot CRM and banish the Excel spreadsheets hurting your business.

  • Add in a customer Filemaker Pro database to allow your services systems to be renovated and accessed by the web.

  • Get free live chat from HubSpot on your website.

  • Treat your website as an asset and invest in improved technology.

The Kingdom Steps to Remove Sales Friction
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