Common Content Mistakes


Have you ever read a headline and thought - "This is going to be great, by reading this headline I can tell that this article is exactly what I am looking for...." OK well, something like that.

Once you start the article though you are lost after the first couple of sentences. If you are like me, with the concentration span of a leaf, I promptly close the window and cruise on back to where I came from, usually Facebook, where the next post will be something hilarious from a mate or something celebrity based and therefore right up my alley.

What is that all about - we see it all the time. Bloggers and writers making these very common content mistakes. Here are some to be wary of.

Too Wordy

Make sure you read back your writing, it is often more effective to write using fewer words than more. You might be able to say exactly the same thing with the same effect. If your content is good, then using more words won't be necessary. Use the KISS method, Keep It Simple Socially....(not quite right hey!)

Too high brow/Too Lowbrow

Don't be all fancy pants for the sake of it - it is a sure-fire way to lose your reader. Be clear and concise about your content. Don't be too casual or colloquial either. This can undermine your message just as easily as being too high brow.

What is your message?

Does your piece have a point? This is a point open to debate.... There are plenty of websites with blogs which are opinion pieces, or reviews, or fashion/beauty blogs that are giving advice. So this point is about those creating blogs attached to their businesses - make sure that the content you are creating is interesting and something that will be beneficial to your reader or customer.

Who is your audience?

Think about your audience, who is reading your blog? If you don't know, it might pay to spend some time working that out.

Make sure you are using language that your audience will understand. For example, don't use acronyms - spell them out so that everyone will understand. 

By avoiding these all too common content mistakes, you will be able to create wonderful, attractive pieces that your readers will be itching to read.

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