What Your Photo Really Means


There is actually a lot of social media strategy and emotion that goes behind every photo we post, you think about why you are taking the photo and what you are hoping to achieve from it.

You are a content marketing expert who is creating their own content, but we know what you are really trying to say. Let me show you what I mean: 

Home Sweet Home

You have just posted a photo to Instagram of yourself in front of the new house you’ve just purchased, your smiling in front of the Sold sign with your thumbs up and you’ve captioned it with something sweet “Just bought our first house, we are so lucky and blessed” What this photo really means is “Sucked in everyone, I’m financially stable and just bought a house. I’m so awesome, do you have a house?”

Gym Junkie

You have just uploaded a Facebook mobile pic of yourself at the gym with pretty hair and a full face of makeup, you caption it with “Straight from work to the gym, no rest for the wicked” What the photo really means is “I look so hot in my gym gear with my hair and makeup done, now I’m going to do 5mins on the treadmill and pretend I'm working out hard. All the hot boys are going to totally think I work out every day.”

Life of the Party

You have just tweeted a photo of yourself in front of a full-length mirror looking super hot, you’re wearing a sexy outfit too and you caption it with “Can’t wait to have a girls night out” What this photo really means is “I’ve just had a fight with my boyfriend and I’m going to post sexy photos to make him jealous tonight while I’m out, that will teach you bae”

Family Friendly

You have just posted a photo to Instagram of yourself with your gorgeous nephew and you’ve captioned it with “Love being an auntie to this little cutie” What this photo really means is “Boys, take note. I look so good with a baby, you should look at me as a potential wife rather than a potential notch on the belt”

The emotions behind the photos are important and if it’s going to make you feel good, just go for it. Just remember that not everything is what it seems and before you get jealous or depressed about someone’s seemingly perfect life or body . . .  there is always a social media strategy behind the photo.


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