What Is Content Marketing?

Is your business getting found? 

The internet is a place of answers. Millions of them. Content marketing is the process of creating engaging content that attracts your prospects and builds their trust.

Is your website providing the answers that people are looking for? Have you thought about the words that people might be searching for to find your product? 

These words are called “Keywords”. You might search for "Great Italian restaurants on Rundle Street” This search is called a long tail keyword search.

Long tail keywords represent 20% of the world’s searches that have never been seen before each day.


Make sure you are providing the answers.

Welcome to the world of content marketing. If your website is providing the answers to the questions that are coming from the search engines then you are being found organically. Being found means being clicked and being clicked means a chance of making a sale.

Google provides a paid service to get you to number one, Google AdWords. When done right inbound marketing, great copywriting and attractive content will get you there organically.

Google says that in 48 hours, more data is created than from the beginning of mankind to 2002!

So how do you start content marketing?

Here are 10 tips to get you started.

  1. Get typing. Great writers write. Great copywriting need not be needed to make an impact. Start writing up the answers to the questions that your consumers have.
  2. Make videos, and make sure they are tagged and uploaded to your own YouTube channel.
  3. Create a list of all of the questions that your customers have about your business and the industry that you play in.
  4. Start compiling an FAQ about your business.
  5. Ask your customer what confuses them and what they would like to know more about
  6. Pay attention to your web surfing habits. What sort of questions are you creating? What terms are you using?
  7. Create a list of keywords about your business. Use this list and make sure the words are getting into the conversation.
  8. Start a blog. A blog allows you to answer the questions that your customers might have, plus it stays on your website forever providing great content.
  9. Start an email newsletter. Take all the business cards out of the top drawer, input them and send to the list. If you know the people and you write helpful content then they will appreciate your effort.
  10. Write something. Don’t get too caught up on the way your information looks, just get something out there.

If you need some help, our inbound marketing experts can help you. 


How Inbound Marketing Works



The power of HubSpot automated marketing platform

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