The Benefits of Podcasting

Podcasting is a content creation medium that really hits home with your target audience. Here are 5 reasons why the kingdom’s team of content marketing experts recommend that you should crack out the microphone and start broadcasting your message to the world.

1. Podcasting adds a level of personalization

This is where podcasting has it all over the written word. The information that you convey via podcast is far more personal, as you are talking directly to the listener - adding a layer of connection between them and your brand.

2. Easy Listening

The term “easy listening” fits perfectly with podcasting. All your listeners have to do is simply press play on their MP3 player or phone - even cars are being made with built-in podcasting devices now - and your message comes blasting through the speakers. Because it requires such little effort on the consumer's behalf, it is a very popular, and thus effective, method of communicating your message.

3. Podcasts reach people anytime, anywhere

With globalisation turning domestic markets into world-dominating powerhouses, it’s vital to create content that can be accessed at any time and at any location. This is doubly important for the evolving market climate, as consumers are picking and choosing what they see and when - unlike the good old days where editors pick and chose for them and consumers didn’t get a choice.

4. It's on demand

Consumers want to decide what they listen to, and when they listen to it. Podcasting takes care of this, as they can go onto your channel and boom, they have access to a huge list of your podcasts sitting there ready to go. Not sure how to get podcasting working for you? Contact The Kingdom’s team of Adelaide social media experts and content marketing specialists today.

5. It compliments your other content

Podcasts are content generating machines. Podcasts can be turned into blogs, and blogs can turn into podcasts, and all of that gorgeous content can be reformatted into fantastic social media posts. All of which serve to boost your SEO and drive traffic back to your website.


At The Kingdom, we are big fans of the podcast - we have our own Podcast - HubnSpoke - which you can listen to here.