7 Digital Marketing Tips For Black Friday Success

Black Friday has changed the way consumers prepare for Christmas.

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The 7 Step Guide to Getting ready for Black Friday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales have become very popular globally with both retailers and shoppers alike, forever changing the local shopping calendar.

This year, they threaten to be bigger than ever and will soon be a more significant shopping event than the traditional Boxing Day sales. 

The big Retailers across the world are going to go hard on offering considerable discounts to compete. The online world goes into discount overdrive. You cannot afford to miss out as a consumer or a business.

It's also a great time for B2B to leverage the sales fever and close more deals, right before Christmas. 

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1. Get your Social Media Assets Ready.

To make the most of sales action on Black Friday you will need all guns blazing. It's a competitive world. So prepare to reskin all of your social pages and get your specials content pre-prepared and scheduled. Using Canva is a great way to resize your images. 


2. Fire up your website with a home page takeover.

It's time to dust off your home page and dedicate the entire page to the Black Friday. Scream discount and sale for four days only, and you will get the deals. It's a global internet frenzy. As you compete for airspace, you need to be remarkable.

3. Don't be shy with the discounting.

You are going to need to go hard on discounts to compete with the global heavyweights. Token discounts will get drowned out by the amazons of retail. This is not the time to cling to margins. It's a four-day volume shifting sales extravaganza.


4. Get your sales team ready for doing deals.

It's only a long weekend. Consumers will be in a deal-making frenzy. If you snooze, you lose. We recommend a motivating training session for your sales team right before the week starts, so they are fired up for high inquiry rates, and the chances to make sales.


5. Segment your email lists.

Prepare your email lists now. The blast to the whole audience once will get you sales, but better still is segmented list management. If you have deals specific to the historical information your CRM delivers you, then you will get better open rates and more sales as a result.

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Black Friday gets bigger and bigger online every year. You can't afford to miss out...

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6. Release New Sales Products every day of the four days

Build a strategy to add new products to your sale every day.  This gives you reason to send a new fresh email every day, with the new products. Don't be sca


7. B2B Can get in on the act.

Use the Black Friday fever as a way to provide a close date for your pending proposals and quotes. Sales get closed when there is urgency. See what discounts your can offer your deals to get them over the line. It's a great reason to call and close.

5 Big Questions To Make Sure Your Digital Marketing Toolkit is ready.

  • Is your website doing a good job of converting your advertising spend?

  • How often are you training your sales team?

  • When was the last time you updated your website?

  • Throw in the lastest critical need, live chat.

  • Do you have live chat working on your website? It helps your prospects and customers communicate with you. HubSpot Marketing free has a live chat.

From a customer service perspective, these big five questions digital marketing question are always worth considering in preparation for a big season of business.

What are you using as your CRM? The age of Word and Excel to make sales is behind us. If you are not on a modern-day CRM, you are giving an advantage to your competitors. Check out HubSpot, or speak to us today to see how we can help you with your digital marketing challenges.


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