Analysing the impact of Coronavirus on Digital Sales and Marketing 14 days in...

So what is next? What can you do now to kick start your micro-economy.

We continue to analyse the effect Coronavirus has on website and business activity.

Over the last seven days, we have seen a stabilisation in web traffic for most businesses except for those deeply affected by the pandemic, like tourism and food services.

Industry-specific downturns are now showing up in the website traffic. The industries that have not been crushed are seeing traffic return to their sites.

We feel that consumers are starting to get used to the shock of the current times.

Email marketing is getting opens for a soft message, not a hard sell. Emails filled more with help message are resonating than blatant sales emails.


The sky has not quite fallen in on the economy, despite Chicken Little being pretty close to the mark on the global economies currently.


We strongly believe there is over-saturation in companies (many you have never heard from) telling you their employees are washing their hands and working from home. Best not to waste your email bandwidth on this one now, that time has passed.

Remote work from home means more computer time and less meeting times. People don't have the commute and can work in their casual clothes reducing the morning routines for many. This means more internet surf time as a pastime, particularly as we start to get "Coronavirus News Fatigue".

Online shopping will increase now as hurting retailers start shifting stock cheaper.

Twitter and LinkedIn provide a huge organic opportunity for businesses to get their message out there. We predict more people will be reading these newsfeeds as they get bored with opening Instagram and Facebook 24 times a day.

Now is a great time to renovate your digital assets. Luck is when preparation meets opportunity. Once the medical community invents the Covid Vaccine, there will be a big surge in economic activity, will you be ready? It's the perfect time to improve and polish your website.

Your website just became more important than it ever has been and it's going to be more important than ever over the coming weeks. Chances are it won't ever be the same again as social work habits will be altered forever by this pandemic.

Renovating your user journey is going to ensure you maximise sales leads, which are going to be so critical in the coming weeks as people battle to keep the lights on in commerce. You can't afford to have people not convert on your website in these difficult times.

In the meantime, we suggest watching the toilet paper index. How easy it becomes to get TP will be an index to consumer anxiety. Once the supplies hit the supermarket and the world calms down, we predict a more regular commercial world.

Work on your website. Analyse the flow of the traffic. We are offering free audits. Using free services using Hotjar and Campaign Warrior to analyse your website. We record the way people use your site for a week the guide you on changes to consider.

Continue with email marketing, but a softer more educational sell is needed.

Do you give up on paid search? - No, but more science is needed. Now is the time to be more accurate in our opinion. Trim on the keywords that don't get much traction but invest in the best. We are offering free audits of your Google Adwords and Facebook spend.

Audience re-marketing is critical and a reliable way to keep ad spends down but effective.

Retailers will have to discount to get traction. Our advice to retailers is bringing Black Friday specials to the market early and get sales ticking over again fuelled by discounts. Many businesses may need to set up an eCommerce store for the first time.

Think like a customer, more so than ever before, chest-beating marketing is not going to work at this time as people are in lockdown.

What can you do to value add with just a little bit extra work? For example, HubSpot is opening up more paid tools for its free CRM to help.

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Author - Adam Steinhardt - CEO 
March 24, 2020


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