11 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Digital Marketing

Outsourcing is not a dirty word. In fact, it is the future of clever business, shoring up of strength and mitigation of weakness. We outsource accounting, legal, doctors, plumbers, painters, dentists and all kinds of professional services. Now it is time to outsource marketing.

To put it in perspective: you don't have a doctor on your staff at work. If you need to get medical help, you go and see the doctor. You delegate your legal affairs to lawyers, and you delegate your accounting to accountants. One individual cannot possibly encompass all of these traits and work both effectively and professionally.

Outsourced professional services are viable because the knowledge they hold is too complex and specific for an unqualified person 

And now, marketing is no different.

The digital revolution that we are now living in makes it so much harder to get your message to the market. Traditional methods have lost their potency and effectiveness in a saturated internet marketplace.



This is not a bad thing, and there is no need to mourn the passing of that gilded age know as “pre-internet”.  

Before the Internet, getting to your market was all about how big your media spend was. It was about throwing wads of cash at television, radio and newspaper advertising. It was a case of putting your money down, pay and pray. But it worked as the consumers were channelled to those limited quantities of mediums.

However, this came at a cost, relying on advertising agencies and their obsession with the creative idea and their own ego’s permanently in the picture. They were King and your budget paid the cost of that extravagance.


The Kingdom HubSpot Inbound

Step in the digital explosion and these old media methods were blown out of the water, with consumers abandoning traditional channels in droves.

Fragmentation has consumers viewing, listening all over the place now, with one consistent, they are on the Internet. With the internet comes the need for high-level IT understanding. This is where the complexity lies. New channels and pathways have opened, new roles, new positions and a dizzyingly complex array of specialities and competencies.

So it's time to outsource people.

Not convinced? Here are 11 reasons why you should consider an outsourced marketing company such as The Kingdom.

1. The sum of the parts is greater than the individuals.

Our sophisticated team has multiple skills between us. To create a digital marketing presence in this day and age, you need copywriters, graphic designers, computer programmers, project managers, social media experts, media buying experts, strategies and automated marketing software. It is impossible for any one person to do all this. That adage of the jack of all trades, master of none could not be more pertinent.

By outsourcing, you get it all.

2. The Software costs plenty.

Digital marketing requires digital tools. It's not just the MacBook. The cloud-based software required to do the job properly is expensive. Our content marketing processes require loads of cloud-based software particularly analytics, we are talking $1000's per month.

We can invest in more of these tools as we spread the load across many customers. Your business benefits. It is impossible to find a fully qualified marketing person that knows all of the software tools and how to use them, there are simply too many tools.

The Kingdom HubSpot Diamond Partner


You need decent computer hardware to make it all work. Several decent computers. That costs big money.

The marketing team needs the latest computer hardware, a strong file server in the cloud or in-house, plus a job management system, reporting system and a filing system which means you need an IT support person to manage the IT to make it all work. Again, the costings of this can and do run into the $10,000s- is this revenue your business can afford to spend?

3. Time is Money.

Digital marketing requires time. Time to train the individual in the latest software, time to learn that necessary experience and time to successfully learn and implement those strategies.

It is also time to acknowledge that social media is not a pesky add-on to your business, but a sophisticated communication channel directly to the heart of your audience. 

But guess what? The process of using the social media channels properly is a full-time job. It needs digital tools, ideas, creative and lots of phone time. Social never sleeps, it's a 24/7 lead generating powerhouse when done properly, but it is so easy to let is slip and be bitten on the backside. There are no less than seven major active social channels all needing different strategies and appreciation.

All with fast moving evolutionary and revolutionary updates. Surrounding this is an ecosystem of programs you need to master to do the job well. How do you know if you are wasting your time or missing out on the big advantage?

Can your business afford to take that risk?

4. Who is going to manage the resource?

The Marketing Manager can only do what the CEO and the Board direct. But this assumes somebody knows the cutting edge, latest information.

Marketing is difficult in that it combines the art of marketing and the science of computers. The Mar-Tech world is moving at a rapid pace, can you manage this process? As you read this our in-house team is swotting up on the latest advances, already two steps ahead of the game.

5. Learn from other's success and failures.

With our outsourced service, you get the benefits of a team of Adelaide marketing experts that have huge experience doing many campaigns with both big budgets and small.

Are you interested in running a social media competition? We can guide you around the pitfalls you need to know that we only learned through (bad) experience.

Outsourced teams have often represented big brands so we are fully aware, with loads of experience as to what is the best way to invest in digital marketing.

6. Flying blind is a fast way to blow your money.

So often we hear stories about wasted advertising expenditure that simply should never have happened. We know more efficient ways to get things done with years of experience backed by years of knowledge. We know the quick way to get things done for your business.

In particular, because we use the HubSpot platform all the time we know how to pump things out quickly, to hit your precious deadlines. You can take our expertise and pass it off as your own, with little effort and many results on your behalf.

Referring to point number 3: we are far quicker than the inexperienced person. We have specialists in each section of the platform and as such we have a much higher productivity rate.


7. Reporting.

Is your Marketing Manager going to tell you the truth on statistics if they are under performing? Will you be able to understand the truth behind all the marketing jargon?

Do you know what statistics you should be tracking? In our experience, it is too late to determine if the marketing person is not performing until the damage has been done.

Here at The Kingdom, we provide a comprehensive range of KPIs and statistics to assist you with your operation, with proven success rates.

Everything is quantifiable; complex algorithms track the ins and outs of the consumer who is using your site. 

We will talk you through the necessaries and use simple explanations and physical figures. Help is always at hand for any questions or problems.

We believe in listening, communicating, teaching and helping- it is the cornerstone of our production, and it shows in the results.

8. Marketing resource cost big money

Marketing teams cost money. Let’s set up a hypothetical in-house marketing team:

Web designer, $80,000 p.a.
Marketing Manager, $120,000 p.a.
Copywriter, $60,000 p.a.
Social Media Manager, $50,000 p.a.

That is just the HR part of a marketing team. Without the costings of software, equipment, maintenance, services- the list does go on. Each team member is going to cost - you are paying for their expertise and their education, plus everybody goes home at night and away on holidays.

That individual expertise is pooled among our talented team, generating bigger, better content and faster productivity.

Our processes are the same for all our businesses, and this ensures we have systematised productivity that you can benefit from.

9. Inbound Marketing dedication

Every blog post or content creation is an asset that we have built for you, tailored to you. Inbound marketing means it has purpose and takes the visitor on a journey that leads to them being a customer. 

Unlike traditional advertising or marketing methods, digital content is the gift that keeps on giving. 

Using keywords, subscription lists and social media as means of distribution; we are creating the leads that will turn into conversions.

So not only do we create those assets for you, we then manage them and encourage them- twisting off skeins of leads that keep on delivering for you and your business. 

How do we know this? As HubSpot Certified Inbound marketing experts we study and are graded on the science of using your website for lead generation.

10. Let us fill your knowledge gap.

The "Big Idea" purported by traditional advertising agencies is great for interruptive advertising, but it's all about attraction on the internet now. We know how to make you attractive, sometimes that requires a third party to call a spade a spade. 

By outsourcing all your marketing to us, we can take our expertise and use it to the best advantage possible.

11. Sophisticated reporting.

We have dedication to the stats that matter getting you ROI. We create daily, weekly and monthly reports that give you fast insight.

By outsourcing to The Kingdom, you are tapping into the expertise of a company that is at the top of its game, that has the hard won and complex knowledge that will push your business to the next level.

It is a brave new digital world out there and without that expertise your business will drown.

We have created our mission statement, defined our audience and delivered on promised outcomes - now let us do the same for you.

12. The Bonus Point - You can fire us.

If it does not work out, we are easy to fire. Far easier than performance managing non-performing staff. One meeting and we are done. This keeps us hungry.

If you would like to discover more about how our outsourced marketing can help you, for a short time only you can save and get a free digital marketing assessment. 


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