6 ways to repurpose your content


Are you repurposing your content?

Content is powerful. It helps your customers understand how you help them; it also makes you more attractive to Google, whose job it is to provide the answers to the customer's search.

Every time you add a page or a blog to your website you are improving your organic Google search. Particularly if your website is loaded up with lots of juicy keywords, carefully matched to your search strategy.

So, the more content you have on the Internet, the better. This is where repurposing content gives you extra bang for your buck in the digital marketing world. So how do you repurpose? 

It starts with the voice

Start by recording a podcast. Grab a Mac, open up Garageband, press record. It's that easy. Now, getting your podcast to market is a bit harder, but even if it is not published it can still be sent off for transcribing. We use castingwords.com. They charge just $1 USD per minute to transcribe the spoken word.

Create a Blog

The words are then useful for a blog post or a series of blog posts, given that the spoken word creates lots of content. Perfect for getting lots of long tail keywords into your content, blogs are a great way to deliver your call to actions.

Repurpose for Twitter

Once you have your blog post, you can repurpose the key messages for Twitter.

Here at The Kingdom, the expert social media team typically would send the same tweet at least four times on that same subject over a period of two weeks. If you repurpose your headline, you can get five different versions of the tweet. This results in 20 tweets, maximising your chance to get seen.

Go longer for the other social platforms

Google Plus,  LinkedIn, and Facebook all accept longer exerts of information in their stories, so you can repurpose a couple of extra paragraphs for greater engagement.

Make sure you always include the link back to the website.

Build your email

Once you get a feel for the success of your stories on social media, then you can build them into your monthly or weekly email. With links back to the blog, of course.

Send your graphics to SlideShare

These email stories should have a graphic to attract attention. We love WordSwag on the iPhone, which is simply amazing. We then recommend you take your graphics and make a slideshow out of them and send them to SlideShare with links back to your blog.

You can also use them for seminar presentations. Repurposing is a super way to make an impact many times from the one great set of ideas.

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