How to Make Attractive Content

Makeattractivecontent.jpgOn May 13th, The Kingdom hosted its “Content is Fire, Social is Petrol” seminar. The event was sold out and was filled with professionals seeking to grow their business through the power of inbound marketing.

Unfortunately since space was limited, there were people who missed out. However, to cater to those who couldn’t make it, we filmed the whole thing - turning it into a webinar as well! 



This seminar was a great success, CEO Adam Steinhardt captivated the audience with his extensive knowledge and expertise on how to Grow Sales Fast.

With people spending an increasing amount of time online, we are beginning to see a dramatic change in buying behaviour. Now, it is more important than ever to reach the consumer where they are most likely to see you - the internet. 

But how do you do that? 

In this seminar, Adam educates our listeners as to how to reach and attract your target audience online through content marketing. More than this, he discusses how to maximise the effectiveness of your content by correctly utilising social media channels. 

At The Kingdom, we love to help business to grow their sales, and fast. For great information about how to get content marketing and social media working for you, watch our free webinar above. 

The Kingdom will continue in its educational endeavour by hosting "Attract. Convert. Close." seminars, in which you can expect to learn:

  1. How to do a better job at attracting customers to your business
  2. The power of intelligent storytelling to gain trust with your customers 
  3. Understanding how to improve your keyword ranking whilst helping your prospects
  4. Use the power of the HubSpot platform to convert strangers into visitors, visitors into leads and leads into customers 
  5. How social media used correctly can drive serious deal making traffic to your website 
  6. How pixel tracking with Facebook can get you 30c per click marketing 
  7. How content marketing is the fire and social media is the petrol to ignite sales 
  8. Why HubSpot has 15,000 customers in 90 different countries

Speak to The Kingdom and discover how our inbound marketing and lead generation techniques help Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide businesses Grow Sales Fast using the HubSpot Marketing and CRM platform.