9 Benefits of Automated Sales and Marketing Software

What is Automated Sales and Marketing Software?

Automated Sales and Marketing Platforms make the job of marketing so much easier. It's the combination of digital marketing activities made easy by intelligent automation that make you more productive. Examples of Automated Marketing Programs include HubSpot, Marketo, Infusionsoft, Eloqua, and Pardot.

As we are the HubSpot International Partner of the Year, we will focus on HubSpot for the purpose of this article.

These programs are the future of marketing. They provide huge productivity gains to organisations that take the time to invest in the program's significant power.

Although the platforms are relatively new in Australia, this powerful software is the way of the future. The reason? It works.

All businesses will need to consider Automated Marketing Software in order to stay competitive going forward.

HubSpot is an Automated Sales and Marketing program. This category of cloud-based software takes the power of tech and applies it to your digital marketing activities. The HubSpot platform gives you the ability to automate website, blog, calls-to-action, landing pages, forms and email - all on one platform. This helps you turn your digital marketing into a lead generation powerhouse.

Here are nine benefits to Automated Sales and Marketing Software that will get your business firing...

1. Marketing gets done faster

Any tool that improves productivity is a good one. Marketing is so much easier and faster which frees up time for your marketing team, giving them the chance to do more to drive you brand harder.

2. Automated Marketing is way cheaper than human labour

Human resources are expensive. Marketing talent is getting more expensive as marketing in the digital age gets more complicated and continues to expand at a rapid pace. Automated Marketing Software allows you to create content faster and more effectively.

 Automated Marketing Software gives you more bang for you buck, and it never goes on holidays.

3. Warm up your lead generation

Cold calling is dead. Cold lead prospecting is seriously time-consuming and a waste or resources. HubSpot provides your sales team with warm leads. By providing your team plenty of sophisticated data, your sales team is armed with the information it needs to help build a relationship, solve questions and effectively close sales.

With a dedicated inbound marketing approach powered by HubSpot, your customers will trust you and be better prepared to make business decisions faster.

4. Get the computer doing the repetitive stuff

It's too expensive having staff performing repetitive tasks when it can be done quickly by computer software. For example, if you are running an event, you need registration landing pages, social publishing, lead up emails, confirmation emails, follow-up emails, at least 6-8 contact points.

These can all be automated using HubSpot. Imagine the time you can save by having the computer drive your next event.

5. See who is on your website

Do you know who is on your website? Google Analytics is one thing, but knowing which person clicked on which web page is remarkable information for a sales team. It helps you monitor what content is popular and what content is meeting your consumers needs.

HubSpot gives you this transparency as your contacts database is linked to your website all within the same powerful cloud software.  

You can see who is clicking on both your website and your marketing emails. From here you can segment, create powerful lists, and provide impressive information to your customers.

6. Learn one interface for all

HubSpot has a unified interface for all parts of the program. One interface for web, blog, landing pages, social media, calls-to-action, emails, and forms. This saves you huge amounts of time in both upskilling and training new people whilst also saving you the time clicking from page-to-page.

7. One program, one password

HubSpot is one password, one program, with all the features in the one environment. What's the alternative? Working with piecemeal connections between programs like WordPress and MailChimp Lead Pages, HootSuite and Google Analytics is fine, except they don't talk to each other easily, and you need multiple passwords moving between platforms.

Each app requires procedures, training and understanding, whereas HubSpot is one unified platform.

8. Integrated statistics across all activities

The campaigns tool in HubSpot integrates the statistics between website, blog, landing pages, social publishing, calls-to-action and even your paid social media campaigns. All this is linked to keywords and significant analytics to give your marketing complete return on investment and accountability.

9. The integrated CRM

The integrated CRM means that your sales activity is connected to your marketing activity. It's all one platform working harmoniously together. In one timeline, you can see all the contact information with your prospect at once.

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