11 Features Of HubSpot's Free CRM We Can’t Believe They Gave Away.

In doing a three hour training session this week for a business on the new HubSpot Free CRM, it was the first time in a few months I had gone into depth on the feature set.

We get used to the full suite of power here at The Kingdom, so I kept expecting to run into hurdles on some key features. There are so many powerful features that are available in the free HubSpot CRM. All business should check it out and evaluate the HubSpot Free CRM today.


Here are 11 features which are surprisingly free:

  1. 2000 emails with multiple ready-to-go templates to choose from. Email marketing to your list is so easy now. It used to be such a hassle to do and get a business setup, but in a couple of clicks, it's game on.
  2. Unlimited contacts. This is a straightforward importing feature. The HubSpot import wizard is one of the best out there, and it's not count limited. Very cool.
  3. Task Manager. A fully functioning Task Manager with @ mentions and follow up. It's easy and intuitive. Win-win.
  4. Custom Properties. The ability to add custom properties to your contacts database. This should be gated, as it gives you the ability to match your custom fields.
  5. The activity tracking code. It allows you to see the activity on your website by your contacts. This is a compelling feature and should never be free.
  6. The chatbot. It's free. Seriously cool. Discover it.
  7. Live Chat. Everyone should have it. We have over $100,000 of business generated from Live Chat in just one year. Get it. It's free.
  8. Five active lists. It's the best part of HubSpot. Use the five freebies to set up your sales funnel stats. This feature shouldn't be free.
  9. List Saving. The ability to save list filters for your team is incredibly powerful. A great tool for productivity. This shouldn't be free either.
  10. Forms. Easy to make and easy to embed. Hidden fields are priceless for making your segmentation. It should be $9 a month, not free.
  11. Email integration with the major platforms. Every time you type an email using Gmail or Outlook, it's logged in the CRM. Perfect for consolidated sales communication.


If this feature list was in front of the eyes 5 years ago, we would have paid $499 USD a month for it. Even now its cutting edge. To give it away, free is remarkable.
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