8 Ways HubSpot Has An Immediate Impact

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Are you interested in HubSpot?

HubSpot is a super powerful automated sales and marketing platform. When combined with inbound marketing, you are able to get more leads and better quality sales opportunities. Creating the content marketing for your business can take time, but there are a number of ways that HubSpot can have an immediate impact on your sales and marketing. 


Provide Your Sales Team With Better Qualified Marketing Leads.

A clear content marketing strategy provides information to your customer. As such the leads are better qualified, so the margin and value is likely to be higher.


The Social Media Publishing Tool.

This gets your social media organised quickly and efficiently so that social can drive traffic to your website. Importantly HubSpot's clever digital marketing reporting tools allow you to see the power of social media marketing. It does work.

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The Sources Mobile App.

At your fingertips, you get up to the minute information about where your web traffic is coming from. If you numbers are looking low at 5pm, then you can act. Warning - this app is seriously addictive.


The Free CMS Gets You Organised.

Having a cloud-based CMS allows you to get your company organised. Banish Excel and scrappy paper with this powerful lead management tool. Its coolest feature is the ability to automatically suck in the emails from Apple MailGmail or Outlook.


 Nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases than non-nurtured leads.   [Source: The Annuitas Group]


Landing Pages and Call to Actions that link.

The landing pages and calls to action are easy to create and the include easy to use follow-up tools. It makes the entire process of engaging the customer in a digital sales experience easy.

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Fast Form Creation With Auto Fill Out.

It's really easy to create a form for your website. Once created HubSpot automatically builds out the data that your contacts have already created so they feel more comfortable with you. Smart forms let you harvest more information about the customer the more they are engaged with you.   


Contact List.

You now have a mechanism to harvest emails and split your lists easily. The lists can be created based on parameters automatically, or you can simply drag and drop your contacts into them. As such it's easy to build targeted lists to get the results that you want.


The Lead Scoring.

Lead scoring lets you allocate points to the actions that your customers take on your website. HubSpot knows which pages your customers have clicked on, and this lets you allocate a point value to them. Higher scoring points helps you identify who is the best.

As an inbound marketing agency and HubSpot Accredited Developers, we see so many different ways that HubSpot can make a huge difference to your business. It's getting harder and harder to get great leads for new sales. This is the tool that can do it. 

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By using HubSpot we are able to provide powerful outsourced marketing services for your business.