How do you score in our 5 Step Digital Marketing Health Check?

Digital Marketing is going nuts around you. Is your business making the most of it?

For example, we at The Kingdom reckon newspapers will be dead by 2017. Two years! We might be wrong but either way, digital marketing should not be ignored. Are you making the most of the internet mediums for your business? 

After years of consulting to many businesses we are surprised at how few businesses score 5 out of 5 on our simple Digital Marketing Health Check.

We are willing to bet your business is missing out on some of the basics of tools of internet advertising. 

Here is a quick five question test you can take to appreciate your advertising footprint 

How do you score on these five digital marketing check points?

1. Is your LinkedIn  up to date?

2. Do you have a Pinterest page with at least 5 boards?

3. Are you sending email marketing every 4 weeks?

4. Is your blogging section on your website active?

5. Are you spending an hour a week on your website?

Did you score 5/5? Most businesses we speak to (mis)spend thousands of dollars every year on advertising that does not work without paying attention to the simple digital marketing tools.

More often business will spend more money and time on their weekly office cleaning than their website.

Quite astonishing really when internet business is exploding so much so that your local daily paper is facing obliteration. 

Need help getting to five?

If you want to score full marks and need some help, have a chat to us today.  The Kingdom can help you build your business to be an advertising powerhouse by improving your sales and marketing strategies.

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