What Was Hot in 2016 and Our Mar-Tech Predictions for 2017

So what was hot in 2016? What do our sales and marketing experts think will be big in 2017?

What digital marketing tools should you be using to fire up your sales funnel this year?

Find out as CEO Adam Steinhardt and social media expert Zaahn Johnson discuss the power apps of last year and predict what could be remarkable in 2017.

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2016 saw some impressive technologies, including the rise of Snapchat, the comeback of Instagram, and the non-stop momentum of content marketing. Find out who we choose as our favourites.

What does 2017 look like for your sales and marketing?

We predict that sales and marketing automation software is going to take off in Australia this year.

It has been huge in the USA for some years now. Is 2017 the year?

Find out how we ranked 2016 for content marketing and what it can do for your business in 2017.

Discover how content marketing can help your business.

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