Adam Steinhardt Presents at Inbound 2016

In this special edition of The Kingdom Live, we present the Facebook Live video of CEO, Adam Steinhardt speaking at Inbound 2016. 

"How to Transform Your Sales Ecosystem Into An Inbound Sales Powerhouse."

Modern day sales and marketing has changed. No longer are the skill taught in the 80's and 90's relevant. Technology has given consumers all of the power, it is now the golden age of consumers. It's now the time for Sellers Beware!

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Are you a sales manager struggling with the social media and digital tools that give consumers all the power? Armed with a mobile phone consumers can price check, fact check and learn all about your goods and services. So how do you turn this around? 

Drawing from years of experience as an elite athlete, Adam gives you 12 ways to build a modern day sales ecosystem, using inbound marketing techniques. 

For HubSpot users this is a must see presentation, recorded live in Boston on November 9, 2016. 

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