Social Media Faux Pas to Leave Behind

In today's digital age, social media can be incredibly powerful for businesses. It's a fun and interesting way to engage with your audience, giving you the opportunity to reach them when they are happy and willing to interact with you.

As social media experts, we are all for businesses hopping on the social media wagon. But, there are some faux pas that we'd like to see left off the channels.

It's time to boost your social media's efficiency and have it start kicking goals for you instead of giving you no return on investment.

Instagram Images with No Relevance To Your Business

How many times have you been scrolling through Instagram only to see businesses posting pictures of cat memes or a picture of their sister's tray of cookies? While that might be appropriate for a vet or a bakery, it might not be the case for your business.

When someone follows you on Instagram, they're not interested in your personal life, they're interested in what your business has to offer. Some advice? Sit down with your team, identify the kind of message you want to be sending out on Instagram, and stick to it. Consistency is key, and your followers will thank you for it.

Even better, by having a clear message, you know that your followers are interested in a certain genre.

This makes marketing to them easier, as you know who you're targeting and what they want to see. If your message is scattered, your marketing efforts will be spent on people who won't give you ROI.

Twitter Posts Without Hashtags

When it comes to social media channels that pack a punch, it's hard to go past Twitter. At The Kingdom, our social media and inbound marketing team utilise Twitter constantly to engage and delight our audience, and we've had some fantastic success with it.

Twitter messages are brilliant and incredibly searchable - but only if you use hashtags.

Hashtags are what puts your message in front of new viewers - without them, only your followers will see your posts. Hardly the best way to grow your following, and definitely a social media faux pas that should be left behind.

When posting messages to Twitter, do some hashtag research. What is your target audience interested in? What are the most searched hashtags? Should you create your own hashtag and encourage viewers to interact with it?

With your findings, tailor your Twitter posts to include the hashtag best-of-the-best and you'll soon find your messages gaining likes, clicks and retweets.

Facebook Posts Without Links

While social media is fun and a modern way to engage your audience, it does have a clear purpose. Get people to your website.

So, how are people supposed to do that if your messages don't include links back to your website?

If you're posting A-grade content on Facebook, adding a link for viewers to learn more will ensure that your social media efforts are giving you true return.

Try linking back to your blog so people can explore more helpful and interesting content. Remember, the more interaction and information they get from you the more they will trust you, so when the time comes for them to make that crucial purchase decision, you're their number 1 choice.

If you're concerned that your website links might be too long, why not try out Bitly? It's free, provides you with a shortened link and allows you to track how many clicks that link received.

By leaving behind these social media faux pas, your digital marketing efforts can really start to flourish.

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