Meet Zaahn

Zaahn is hilarious, outgoing and a social media sales wizard. 


Zaahn is so enjoyable to be around that we decided to let the world in on her game, giving Zaahn her very own blog. She is the life of the party, so we called it the Zaahnzibar Social Oasis.

As an Adelaide social media specialist, Zaahn keeps herself up to date with the latest and greatest social media trends, and knows the best ways to engage and grow your audience. 

My experience as a social media expert gives you the edge in this highly competitive world.  


Each week, Zaahn sends out her weekly Zaahnzibar email. She promises to help you with the following:

  • The latest in social media tricks
  • Helping you to understand the reasons behind utilising social media
  • Which social platforms are beneficial and for what reason
  • Inside tips she learned from working with a dozen brands each week
  • How to save money with your social media advertising
  • How to take advantage of your customers mistakes in social media

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