6 Reasons Why Instagram Is So Hot Right Now


Kim Kardashian has made quite a name for herself as a social butterfly. We doubt that she can help your business unless you star in a video with her, but we’re not suggesting you do that.

What is miraculous, however, is that Kim Kardashian shares attributes with something that absolutely can help your business - Instagram.

Rising to the heights of success and fast becoming one of the most utilised social media platforms, Instagram can help make your business more attractive in this digitally focused world - helping you to increase your inbound marketing. 

So, without further ado, here are 6 similarities between Kim Kardashian and Instagram that are surprisingly accurate.

Became hugely popular around 2010

Though Kim Kardashian was sniffing around celebrity status before 2010, she really only became A-lister later. The amazing social media tool, Instagram, was introduced to the market that same year, and has obtained a huge amount of fame since then.

Instagrams’ intense popularity makes it a great social channel to use.

You can enhance your views by researching and using different hashtags, which also helps you to better target your audience.

It's a super tool to gain greater traction to your social media channels. 

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Love the Camera, Baby.

We all know Kimmy loves the camera - but Instagram loves it more. This channel is almost exclusively made up of images, and the more interesting and attractive the picturesare, the better the response.

Too often businesses clog up their digital media channels with mountains of text. Using Instagram forces you to be creative.

More than this, people love looking at pictures! It requires little to no effort on their behalf, and it’s fun - which will attract people to your images. Want to learn more about attraction? Speak to our inbound marketing Adelaide experts today or read our article "Attract your customers better with content marketing"


Video content is so hot right now.

Video content is not only the way of the future, it is also a great way to get noticed - and Instagram has adapted for this fact.

Now, you can upload a short video - giving you a better opportunity to get your message across to your target audience.

And we all know Kim enjoys making...videos. 


More popular than a 50% off sale at Prada

Much like Kim Kardashian, Instagram is immensely popular - except we actually know why Instagram is so popular.

Integrating Instagram into your social media strategy can give you access to a huge amount of reach. Additionally, posting pictures and short videos can gain you a massive amount of likes, comments, shares and other customer engagements - and this is vital to a successful digital marketing strategy.

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Uses filters to Pretty Up

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Kim Kardashian is a massive fan of using filters, photoshop, plastic surgery and pretty much anything else to make her camera ready. But, Instagram also enjoys using filters.

Instagrams wide selection of filters can turn a regular, boring photo into an arty masterpiece - and that can get you a whole lot of attention.

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They broke the internet

While Instagram may not have done a nude photo shoot with a champagne bottle balanced precariously on its butt, it did have a huge impact on our day to day lives.

Now it is commonplace and nothing strange at all to see someone whip out their phone and take a gorgeous, filtered photo of their dessert, dog, significant other or whatever else. Before 2010, this would have been viewed as a nutty thing to do, but Instagram changed that.

Now, we’re all sharing photos all the time - and everyone is looking at the photos. Discover more about the importance of social media from our team of social media experts.

Yes, Kim Kardashian and Instagram share some similarities - but we think Instagram is far more impressive.

Most importantly, we think Instagram is an essential tool in driving traffic back to your website - helping you to get more clicks and generate leads. It also gives you a rare opportunity to quickly and efficiently build your brand personality.

As inbound and content marketing specialists, we highly recommend you get on Instagram. If you want to learn more about what social media can do for your business in terms of lead generation and inbound marketing, give our Adelaide content marketing experts a call.