Why Google Adwords will Win you The Game Of Thrones

slack_for_ios_upload_720-12-551249-editedSlay your opposition as if you were the knight, and they the snarling dragons.

Let's face it that is what they are. Dragons trying to storm your keep. So it's time to lift your broadsword aloft, let loose your battlecry, and jump into the fray. Or, jump on the computer and fire up Google Adwords!

Adwords gives you the tools to be effective and competitive in your digital marketing.

Goodbye are the days where it was difficult to make a significant impact with social media strategies, because now with the Adwords tool, you have access to online resources that will make inbound marketing a dream.

At The Kingdom, we are inbound marketing experts, and can help you to form an effective digital marketing strategy for your business - so feel free to give us a call. We are one of Adelaide's leading content marketing agencies specialising in the HubSport platform.

Have you tried Google Attack Ads?

Imagine what Tyrion Lanister would say if you told him that you held the key to business success by attacking your oppositions Google ranking?

And, that you had the ability to strategically place your advertisements in the view of your target audience, right up against the oppositions ads, minimising marketing wastage? Little Finger, a.k.a Lord Baelish, would certainly be interested…

Small budgets can ambush your competitors

Our social media and digital marketing team can help you place small budget advertising campaigns that lie in waiting to ambush your unsuspecting competitors. Clever copywriting gets you results.

Kidding aside, Google Adwords can really be your brand’s best friend. 

By using the Google Keyword tool and Google Adword management to specifically target your consumer base, you can receive a whole lot of benefits.

Increase your in-store visits

Google Adwords allows you to target specific locations so you can reach people searching in and around your area - helping you to raise awareness of your physical locations.

Increase your phone calls

This incredible resource also allows you to add your phone number, email address and address to your advertisements, helping you to increase your inbound calls and emails. Combine this with pixel tracking based ads, and you can get an outstanding return from your digital marketing. Put this with a smart lead nurturing process, and you can grow sales fast.

Increase your online sales and leads

By having access to specific keywords, and by being able to target effectively, you reduce a lot of your wasted marketing efforts. This means that your messages reach your desired audience; and since you’re reaching more of the right people, you can be more effective in your sales drives and lead gathering. 

This is particularly useful if you are engaging in email marketing using a program like Mailchimp.

The Kingdom are Mailchimp experts, and can help you segment your lists to use them specifically for targetting your customers with marketing offers.

The HubSpot CRM platform is a fantastic way to track your sales leads. The Kingdom are HubSpot Certified Partners, so if you want to discover more about it, give us a call.

Google Adwords are great for setting up a business.

Using Google AdWords is a fantastic way to kickstart your business. Having a great website and an intelligent digital marketing program can get your business off to a flying start. Don't forget to invest in fantastic business cards, they are super important. Find out why....

Great Analytics

Adwords also allows you to efficiently manage your various online campaigns and measure the results along the way - giving you access to an array of useful metrics, insights and possibilities. Plus, it gives you great SEO. If you want to further explore the benefits of keywords and content marketing, give our team of digital marketing and social media experts a call today.

Yes, Google Adwords can be your key to winning your own Game of Thrones, and along the way it may help you to win against your competitors too.

Just watch out for those dragons.