Why You Should Invest In Fabulous Business Cards


Drop dead gorgeous or crinkled old hag?

Or just plain bell-curve boring in-between. Which are you?

Business cards are the first chance for you to present your company in a positive light and make you memorable to your potential customer.

How do you rate yours?

Are they cheap and nasty? I bet you are not cheap and nasty, so make sure your card is awesome!

Given your business card is kept and used as a memory trigger for your future customer, your cards, representing you, should be innovative, classy and ready to impress.

You should be proud of your Company and your card. If not, it is time to change.  

Investing in an innovative, well-designed card will pay off big time.The cost of having a stylish business card is low compared to other forms of marketing and is a great way to instantly get top of mind to potential deal makers. 

Four key benefits of a well designed business card.

  • To create a great first impression. 

  • Create a greater chance of the prospect hanging onto your card.

  • Build company envy and a greater level of interest.

  • Provides easy access to key information.

  • Shows you off in a highly professional inovative way.Loftus-business-Cards-grey-766075-edited

Loftus rebranded with The Kingdom and now have fantastic, eye-catching business cards. 

Get serious about making sales. Speak to The Kingdom. Get an interesting, well designed card. 

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Contact us today and start making an amazing first impression.