7 Ways To Get the Most Out of Your Advertising Agency


Marketing Managers and CMO's are challenged daily by many different obstacles. Get in harmony with your Advertising Agency and life gets much easier. Here are some helpful tips to help you get the most out of your Advertising Agency. 

1. Share a job list in the cloud.

Agencies have big job lists, with lots of data entry required to get the systems in place to track everything. It helps you and the agency if you can enter your data directly into the agency system. Time to get off Excel and ask for access to their system. 

2. Respond fast, set the pace of operation.

Agencies love it when client delays are minimised. It keeps the momentum going on the project. If you delay, the job gets put to the "waiting for client' part of the job list and another job is started. Fast response keeps the job live on screen, top of mind and ready for action. 3. Demand speed, price and quality - but only two at a time please. 

Bullying the agency for the impossible results in disappointment and stress. A strong rule of thumb is speed, price, quality = pick two. Make it clear which two options you are choosing to get the result you want. Shooting for three is not possible, something has to give. 

4. It's a 24/7 world. Is your Agency working late for you? 

If not, ask them. The 9/5 world is a really hard time to get much done these days. Loads of demands, not enough time. Personally at The Kingdom we love working electronically with clients after hours to get things done. Late night emails are a great way to keep on top of deadlines without the stress of a busy working day. This author is always up at weird times, email me a question, whenever. 

5. Set firm internal deadlines to match external deadlines.

Managing your internal deadlines is hard work, so set deadlines that are realistic for you to manage your people. The Agency will normally find ways to make late deadlines work but It takes firm follow up and planning to get the internal deadlines hit in your organisation. 

6. Let the agency push boundaries.

It's our job to think of the best way for your communication to be seen in the market. We have lots of ideas and ways to do this. So let us discover the amazing. You can always go with the safe option after you have heard the ideas that push the limits. 

7. Digital stuff takes longer.

The internet and web work has got so much more complicated with mobile and tablets going nuts in recent years. The simple web site change now has at least nine different platform tests to be performed before it goes out the door, bug free. It's much harder than it looks and because the internet is so important, its always urgent in digital land. Please appreciate the coding geeks are doing their best. 

To Conclude

Advertising Agency staff work very hard for their clients. Remember, we are businesses too though, trying to make a profit and put food on the plate of our team members and stakeholders. Smooth operations make for a better working relationship for all and better quality work.  Have fun with your agency, be fair, work us hard and we will do great things for you. 

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