If you hate cold calling for business, it's time to get rid of the cold bit. Let's face it, nobody likes cold calling to get sales. It's time-consuming, tedious and not really successful. Cold calling dates back a long time, and it has had its day. 

The good news is, cold calling is dead. Phew.

I saw a recent infographic that said it takes eight attempts on average to get through to people, and most salespeople stop at 2 Hmm, not great stats. We recently did a seminar where one attendee spent weeks calling 160 people, for just 2 leads. Wow. The return on investment is very low when there are so many other options available in today's modern world. 

Why is cold calling failing?

Cold calling is interruptive. Cold calling is stopping people from doing what they are trying to do. Interruptive selling is now, in the internet era, a very inefficient way of attempting to get new leads.

The origins of the call ironically date back to when there were travelling sales people roaming the world with a suitcase in hand to knock on doors and try and pedal their wares.

Travelling salesmen were popular back in the days when information about goods and services was hard to come by. Salespeople were educators about their never before seen products. What is now called traditional media, TV, radio, press, billboards, is interrupting you, attempting to educate when you don't want to hear the message. It seems strange but it is everywhere.

The internet is the cat to the cold calling mouse.

The internet lets us find what we want to on our terms when we want. Search engines provide the answers to your questions. Search Engines get the answers from the websites of the world.
The question for your business is, is your website providing the answers to search results? If not, who is? Your competitors? Answering people's questions on the web builds trust amongst your consumers. Trust builds leads that turn into sales. Content marketing is the process of putting your answers in front of future customers.

Move to HubSpot and away from the cold call forever 

The HubSpot automated marketing platform makes it easier for you to create your pages and gives you the tools that create the trust for your digital marketing prospects. As the future includes more and more internet usage, HubSpot may well be the most intelligent business purchase your business makes.

Businesses all over the world are grappling with the change of pace of the digital revolution. Are you coping? Will you survive?The cold call is dead. Now is the time to make sure what replaces it is your business being found and loved on the internet.