Email Is the Aircraft Carrier of Your Digital Marketing Navy


Email marketing is the aircraft carrier of your digital marketing navy. But, why is email so important? Read on to find out...

Email is the one communication mechanism that you control.

Every other medium available to you, whether it be Facebook advertising, LinkedIn, Mr Murdochs Newspapers, radio, there is always a cost of distribution attached, and you have your product controlled by other people.

This ownership problem was felt most profoundly as an issue two years ago when Facebook began charging or their customers to have organic reach posted to the wall to the fans that they had signed for info.

Businesses that had spent years, and loads of dollars, buying likes saw a rapid and destructive evaluation in their value when Facebook changed this algorithm. Organic Facebook Reach is now is reaching 5 to 8% on average, but this number is declining. There is talk that Facebook are going to reduce the organic reach to zero. How will that affect your marketing?

This brings us back to email as being the pillar of your digital marketing strategy.

Take back control

This is the medium that you can control. It's yours. When you receive that email address, you own that ability to communicate with that person. It's a very valuable commodity.

So once you have the email address, what should you do with it?

Aim to set up a regular email out. Start monthly. Most importantly, take it seriously. Set the publishing date and time and stick to it. Regularity builds loyalty.

Make sure your email information drives traffic to your website.

The HubSpot automated marketing platform has a super powerful email tool that allows you to personally customise your emails and send them to segmented lists.

Make sure your content is interesting to the reader. Remember it's about how you help your customers, not about you.

Are you falling for the common traps?

There are a couple of flaws we see nearly 95% of the time with email outs. They are:

  1. In our experience, people can't stick to their deadline and let it slip.
  2. The design is terrible and not at all interesting, turning your valuable email subscriber off.
  3. People talk about themselves too much, remember it's about your customer.
  4. No budget to do it properly. Are you ignoring such a powerful business driving tool?
  5. Budget just like any other Pay Per Click medium. $1 per click is par, over, too much, under, bingo.
  6. Step up the deadlines. Make them real. People love regularity.

For under $1000, our team makes amazing emails that can get high engagement rates. Resulting in well under $1 per click marketing, over time this investment costs drops as your engagement goes up and the production process gets faster.

Investing in the email is a super powerful way to drive clicks to your website and people to your business, it's been around for 20 years.

It's never too late to make it work for your business.