The 12 Must-Have, Work At Home Tools.

Working from home? These 12 fascinating and beneficial apps make it more fun.

Corona Virus is causing many businesses to redeploy their workforce from home.

The Kingdom team has been working remotely for some years now. So we have put together the list of some more unusual but can't live without options.

Perfect for long hours in isolation while the world outwaits the pandemic

Confluence by Atlassian.

Build up your staff wiki. Make it the central store for all your activities. Easy to jump in and get started. Use it to update the team daily.


Record and screenshot your screen, mark it up then send it back to your fellow team member. Faster and more comfortable than a PDF, and has some fun tools for highlighting what you are talking about. Capto captures both video and still screenshots.

The HubSpot Academy.

Free training for the modern sales and marketing world. So many fantastic free current modern-day sales and marketing courses. Have a competition for your team to get as many accreditations in two weeks. The last count, there are around 38 free courses. 


15Five is a continuous performance management suite that allows you to coach your employees as fast as you sprint. 15Five is a great way to keep on top of the morale of remote employees.

Campaign Warrior

Now is the time to get your website in great shape. Audit your website - fix your meta descriptions, polish up, and use your web pages to posting social media for the next three months quickly. The free version is powerful and does not need credit card to be free. 


Okay, so it's on all the work at home lists. It's global and famous for a good reason. I'm not sure how a business works without it. A brilliant must-have collaboration tool. 

The HubSpot Free CRM

With cool easy to use, live, real time mobile App. Now is the time to upgrade to a fully cloud-based CRM to keep your sales team working no matter where they are. The free version is outstanding. Sign up today.

Amazon Prime

 worth every cent - Rapid, often free, home delivery, and you get movies thrown in. It's $10 a month, and home shopping could not be easier. I'm always amazed at how fast they deliver.

Bitmoji for Chrome (and Slack)

Add a bit of fun to your online communications. Inject personality into your team collaboration. You may think it is for kids, but it's addictive and brightens up long days in isolation. 

Google Hangouts

Works great, directly adds conferencing from your Google Calendar setup. It's the most reliable tool we have used for quick conferences. Join Me is another decent option to consider for fast sharing. Limits the dreaded "can you hear me" conversation.

Full Page Screen Capture for Google Chrome 

Great way to capture your screen out of Chrome then mark it up for conversation. We use this so many times a day and not sure how you work without it. 


Manage collaborative task lists in the cloud. Teamwork removes the need for people to talk to each other! Perfect for working from home.

If you would like help with getting your workforce working remotely or updating your digital assets, The Kingdom qualified team are here to help. We don't charge for tips and tricks.

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