Business: Picking Up The Pieces. Where Do You Start?

When do you kickstart your marketing? Do you cut marketing resources because the market is dormant?

Now is the time to renovate your digital assets. It's important. Here's why.

There is now an immediate need to revamp your website messaging. The chances are very high that your site has statements that are not appropriate for the current times.

It's a changing world. Many businesses will need to change the way their product fits in the market. Website values previously used are no longer relevant and in some cases, offensive.
Reduced operating budgets for many businesses mean that technology needs to play a more significant part.

Many businesses are going to come through the pandemic with improved productivity brought about by the need to reduce costs.

The world is going to get more competitive. As we get used to the new normal at some point, the global economies will restart. Will you be ready? Inventory will need to be shifted. Cash will be required. When the retailers are back, it will be like Black Friday every week for consumers. Major retailers are spending their time in hibernation working on dynamic and competitive rescue plans.

For many businesses, it will be like starting over. This means competition. The business future is going to be very, very competitive. During hibernation, eCommerce companies are getting better, sharper as they compete for limited dollars from more impoverished workers.

Will you be ready for increased competition?

Will you be prepared for the seismic shift to the internet that has occurred in the last four weeks to have a full impact when "things go back to normal"?

Will your digital assets be modern enough to go toe to toe with those businesses that spend the hibernation renovating and improving their operations? Is it fight or flight? For many companies they will never recover, the extraordinary change in times now accelerates the odds on being left behind in tech.

So how do you kickstart your marketing at the same time as being frugal?

  • Renovate your website. Make it more effective.
  • Improve the customer journey your content provides.
  • Analyse what makes and converts your sales.
  • Upgrade and fix your marketing assets. Mar-tech software is going to be needed more than ever.
  • Revamp your messaging. Delicate messaging is required to get through this. Professionals are required.
  • Social media needs to be an essential part of your arsenal. Not just a supplement.
  • Increase the training for your staff. Sales leads will be harder to come across. Sales training will be essential.
  • Customers are going to be expecting plenty of discounts and will be conditioned and expecting more for less.
  • Improve your email messages, renovating your process to improve your targeting.
  • Deploying short term retainers with consultants will become more attractive.
  • Money spent on digital ads needs to be more strategic and careful.
  • Google Adwords for broken sales funnels needs renovation.

Take advantage of online webinars and seminars during the hibernation time, so the knowledge of you and your staff is improved.

Investment in technology will be critical—the more competitive the market, the higher the need for increased productivity. The automated business platforms, HubSpot, Marketo, Pardot, Kaep, representative of the entire Marketing Technology landscape are going to be needed more than ever to get your business back on track.

To help your business kick start the process, we are offering 5 ideas in 5 minutes. 


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Author - Adam Steinhardt - CEO 
March 31, 2020


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