How to Survive Starting Your First Pinterest Board

 typorama_20So by now you will have read a couple of blogs here on Zaahnzibar which essentially are about me banging on about Pinterest.  

So have you taken my advice and started pinning?

Awesome - Congratulations!  

Oh - no....? OK - well here are some easy ideas to get started.


1. Get onto Pinterest and create and account.

If you have a business follow this link....

If you are an individual follow this link...

**Warning - Pinterest is highly addictive - you are about to dedicate hours of your life to this awesome platform**


2. Follow the instructions and complete the form as requested.

Pinterest will give you this prompt. Choose 5 interests - these will then form the beginning of your feed (feed being the pins from which you can choose to start pinning).


3. Who do you want to follow?

Here you are able to find Twitter and Facebook followers and friends you may have already. You will need to enter your Twitter and Facebook details.  

It is an easy way to start following people you are already friends with on Facebook and following on Twitter.


4. Get the Pinterest button.

The Pinterest button is an easy way to help you use Pinterest more effectively whilst you are cruising around the web. Once this button has been installed you have the freedom to pin from any website where you see a great image you love.  


5. Pinterest has now created a feed for you and found some of your friends who are on Pinterest.  


6. Pin It.

Find something you want to pin....I am obsessed with stripes, so I found this groovy little outfit. I hover over the image and the red "Pin It" button appears - click "Pin It" and create your first board.

Name your board something fun - and specific to you. You can make that board secret too.... that is kind of cool, then no one can see that board (great for planning a party, or the nursery for the baby you aren't having yet, or the wedding you are planning but don't have a boyfriend).

There it is - 6 steps to easily creating your first Pinterest board..... Go forth and Pin!

See you on the channels.

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